Hopefully the answer to, “Is that a hipster or your mom,” is not hipster because, as it’s been documented, we just really hate hipsters around these parts.

To help you delve deeper into that question, though, is the new site My Parents Were Awesome. Because, you know, now your parents are total squares. But that’s your fault for harshing their mellow with your diapers and school recitals, etc. etc. etc. This site takes scanned pictures of (presumbably) young folks’ parents, presents them, and in so doing asks the viewer to compare them to comparable hipster-picster sites like Last Night’s Party (here) or, better, Look at This Fucking Hipster (here).

Once upon a time, they were probably full-tilt pimp machines, not unlike yourself right now. Need proof? Head to the site, or just gaze at the picture below.