Harrah’s took us to Vegas recently, and we’ll be damned if there weren’t a lot of good-looking people there.  We talked to Terry Crews, first, about how to be a real-life action star and what it’s like to fire a fully-automatic shotgun (hint: it is awesome).  Later, we were able to talk with a few of the girls from Holly Madison’s Peepshow burlesque production, and Giselle Itié, about what they’re looking for in a man, what it’s like being a woman in Vegas, and the best ways for you to pick up foxy ladies like them when you’re hitting the strip. Here’s what the girls had to say:

Peepshow MC Cheaza

How to pick up a guy in Vegas

Be honest. Go after it. Don’t hesitate. There is no too honest. You know what, I allow people to be who they are, to express what they express. If I like it, I like it; if I don’t, I don’t.

Worst pick-up line

“Girl, you tired. Why? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.” That’s pretty weak. Or “I like your hair,” and it’s the worst hair day you’ve ever had.

(Me: Oh by the way, I was totally trying to give you a one-liner earlier with my hair comment. Totally trying to pick you up. Did it work?)

Yes it did!

(Me: You know, show you a little cleavage.)

Yes, girl! Yes!

Peepshow Dancers

How to pick up a chick in Vegas

Oh lord, ask her.
The best way to pick up a chick? Just be a gentleman. Be real. Don’t have your one-liners, just be real.

Worst one-liner

I don’t know, what is the worst one-liner?
I don’t know. They’re all so stupid.

Guys trying to pick them up post-show

Um, no.
No, not really. We just get a lot of eye contact. People wanting to, you know.

How to give a strip tease to your girlfriend
Well, no stupid faces. Just be straight up and look a girl straight in the eyes.
Oh, I don’t know. Maybe a little Barry White.

Giselle Itié

How to pick up a chick in Vegas

In Vegas, I don’t know because I arrived today. But in general, beautiful eyes.

Worst pick-up line

Well, in Brazil, I’ve heard a lot. The bad ones. The worst one: “I’ve never seen a girl like you,” just kind of thing, you know. “You’re the most gorgeous of the world.”

Photos courtesy of Keriann Boone