13. Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon made a name for herself being the brassy redhead from “That 70’s Show” and romantic paramour to the gangly, spangly Topher Grace which simultaneously made her unattainable via her brassiness and totally get-able because Topher Grace is a man-boy. A dangerously strong alchemy of attraction to be sure.

12. Emma Stone

Emma Stone played Jules in “Superbad” – she was the girl that threw parties for everybody, bought all the booze, was super hot, but didn’t get drunk, and would still date Seth (the fat one). She’s also pretty good at killing zombies, so, she very well may be in the top 5 most idyllic girlfriends of all time.

11. Angie Everheart

Angie Everheart was a stone cold fox in the 90s, and she’s stayed remarkably good looking over the years. This model that once dated both Joe Pesci and Howard Stern obviously didn’t have the best taste in fellas even when she was at her peak. We calculated that gives you a 7/10 chance of hittin’ it.

10. Shirley Manson

This lead singer of Garbage is happy when it rains, and despite lyrical evidence to the contrary, she is happy at other times, too. She’s also recently starred in “Sarah Conner Chronicals” which makes her super hot and talented across more than one media. Shirley, if you’re reading this, we’d like to brood with you some time.

9. Nicola Roberts

Nicola was the reddest (folicularly, not politically), of the British girl band Girls Aloud which is a clever enough pun to get our knickers tight. Like most British girl groups, their career didn’t have a very long shelf life (think that’s because the EU doesn’t use GMO’s?), but she had a brief resurgence in 2002 on “Popstars: Rivals.”

8. Barbara Meier

Barbara Meier is a thoroughbread redhead – born to modeling and, really, has done nothing much else. She was the winner of “Germany’s Next Top Model” and has spent her time since starring in commercials and getting shot up for magazine covers and advertisements on an international scale.

7. Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan is the daughter of the cult “Children of God.” Seriously. She was born in Italy and lived with her parents (cult members) until she legally emancipated herself from them after they’d moved to the States. She also dated Marilyn Manson and made her film debut in a Pauly Shore movie. Needless to say, she’s got more than a little intrigue about her.

6. Alicia Rickter

Alicia Rickter is an American model who was the hottest in Baywatch Hawaii. She was also Miss October back in 1995 (and was, in fact the 500th Playmate ever), but she still keeps her package remarkably tight. Tight enough, in fact that she married professional baseballer Mike Piazza in 2005.

5. Isla Fischer

Isla Fischer was first introduced to most of us in “Wedding Crashers” as the totally crazy stage-5 clinger that fell in love with (and then abused the genitals of) Vince Vaughn. Shortly after, she married her then-boyfriend Sascha Baron Cohen and bore his comedy-blessed spawn.

4. Jessica Rabbit

She’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way.  Jessica Rabbit is the ludicrously top-heavy lover of the famed prankster Roger Rabbit, a smooth and seductive songstress at the Ink and Paint Club, and a femme fatale to end all femme fatales.  What we wouldn’t give for just a few rounds of paddy cake with her. 


3. Angelica Bridges

Angelica Bridges was discovered singing at Universal Studios (there’s hope for you, too, crazy Spiderman guy in front of the Chinese Theater!).  Shortly thereafter, she was working for Elite Model Management and posed in the 2001 November Playboy.  She married Sheldon Souray, an NHL defenseman because, honestly, NHL players are ideal models for today’s modern man.  It’s uncanny. 


2. Ilary Blasi

Illary Blasi is a mega-fox Italian who married Italian footballer Francesco Totti, and who has kept her body in impeccable shape because she knows damn well that football players can slay any &$%^ they want to on the planet.  She’s also a soubrette which, in our experience with red-headed opera singers, means she’s a screamer.   


1. Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is about as close to you can get to Jessica Rabbit as you can get to in the flesh.  She’s been popping our eyes out of our heads in a variety of series, but most recently and most voluptuously, she’s been playing the sexy office manager in AMC’s “Mad Men.”  She’s married to her fiancé who makes his living as the luckiest bastard on the planet Earth.