It’s only taken three months, but things seem to be settling down in the NFL. At least for a week. But that doesn’t mean that loads of players won’t shoot to stardom or sink in shame in Sundays to come. Here are a few players we at see shifting in value for Week 12.

He’s back. And he looked pretty good. We saw what we needed to from Santonio Holmes Sunday. What will drive you (and Jets fans) crazy is the erratic play of QB Geno Smith.


Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers
Nothing fires up a player like floating trade rumors. Pittsburgh seems to have rallied a bit, and if this team is going to make a late push, it’ll be Roethliberger carrying them. It may hurt the soul of Steelers diehards to see this team afraid to run at the goal line, but Big Ben owners will profit.

Chris Ogbonnaya, RB, Cleveland Browns
Outside of struggling to spell his name correctly, I love Ogbonnaya. He’s garnering the majority of work in the Cleveland backfield and making the most of it. If you’ve read this column before, you know I’m all about players seizing the opportunity. Ogbonnaya even flashed some speed this week and should continue posting good numbers.

Michael Floyd, WR, Arizona Cardinals
Floyd’s been up and down, but worries about his shoulder injury seem to have been put to rest. He proved again that he’s a dangerous threat this past weekend with a whopping 193 yards and a score. Granted, it was against the Jaguars, but his upcoming schedule is favorable too.

Santonio Holmes, WR, New York Jets
He’s back. And he looked pretty good. We saw what we needed to from Holmes Sunday. What will drive you (and Jets fans) crazy is the erratic play of QB Geno Smith. This passing game isn’t likely to settle down soon, but if you can handle the swings, Holmes could prove valuable.

Starting Week 13, Percy will have no mercy for opponents. In theory.


Percy Harvin, WR, Seattle Seahawks
Don’t give up now. Harvin made his return Sunday and showed flashes of what we love about him. The Seahawks are off this week, but we like Harvin more than ever starting Week 13. This team is preparing for a playoff run and you can bet they’ll want Harvin to get into a groove late in the regular season.


Terrelle Pryor, QB, Oakland Raiders
Pryor’s situation resembles Tim Tebow in Denver, where management grimaced at every successful play and it’s always seemed like he was on a very short rope. Matt McGloin wasn’t as good as his weekend numbers, but he certainly has a chance to take over the starting job.

Willis McGahee, RB, Cleveland Browns
I’m with our Sigmund Bloom that McGahee is “Rashard Mendenhall without a head coach who stubbornly sticks with him.: You know I’m throwing my lot in with Chris Ogbonnaya, and McGahee seems like a guy on his way out. Again.

Robert Woods, WR, Buffalo Bills
The Bills are off this week, and we think Woods will bounce back from injury. The big worry for him is how well Marquise Goodwin has played in his place. He doesn’t have enough of a track record that he automatically gets to keep his playing time, meaning we could see more Goodwin and less Woods in the future.

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