A company called Digital Illusions in Las Vegas is attempting to redesign both the experience and cost of clubbing in Vegas by replacing go go dancers (and presumably, strippers) with holographic programs that are customizable by the customer.   Good? Maybe?  

From their press release:

Designing the theater as the centerpiece of the club allows all guests to enjoy the custom holographic entertainment while eating, drinking or dancing. The theater looks like any other stage environment with a hidden trick: Digital Illusions uses state-of-the-art fire retardant polymers and high-definition video to create an illusion second to none. "The hologram truly looks real! It really did make me look twice when I first saw it. I didn’t believe the girl wasn’t up there!" said one viewer.

The imagery seems good (and possibly fake?), but the advantage of course would be having an entire library to choose your idea dancer from “Weird Science” style. You could even switch dancers on the fly if you decided, all of the sudden, you wanted a redhead or one with a British accent. It’s creepy on one level, but until they start giving robo lapdances, it seems like pretty harmless fun to us.  Until then, check out their sample video here.