These days, vintage clothing is one of the coolest things you can put on your body. The other cool things are jet packs, wrist-mounted laser cannons, additional limbs and Megan Fox’s lips, but those are all generally pretty hard to get hold of.

So we’ll stick with vintage clothing, but we’ll kick it up a notch. Forget that itchy thrift store crap — there’s a company out there bringing vintage to the 21st century without ever leaving the post-war glory days, disco-steeped dancehalls and eight-bit arcade landscapes of retro America.

It’s Ohio-based clothing purveyor Homage, and it’s currently producing some of the sweetest vintage sports T-shirts, hats, pins and rah rags out there. These aren’t just carbon copies of old club logos or shirts your dad still has from back in the day. Homage produces a slew of original designs, all based on classic pop culture items and memorable events in sports history.

Although Homage’s product line is mostly limited to Ohio-related sports history, they’re already showing signs of growth, offering Boston- and Pittsburgh-centric tees and a small but impressive collection of Bruce Lee paraphernalia.

Check back soon for tees boasting your own favorite city. Unless your favorite city is Seattle, because, seriously, what does Seattle have to brag about?