So Memorial Day is this Monday. For most of us, that means a day off to BBQ, which is never a bad deal. But this time around, why not accompany that occasion with badass bottle openers that support great causes?

We’re talking about the Bottle Breachers Never Forgotten Series, which donates 20 percent of the proceeds to the charities of the fallen heroes portrayed on the breachers.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, it’s the brainchild of Eli Crane, a vet who served 13 years in the highest ranks of the SEAL teams. 

His company makes beer openers, wine openers, cigar bores, pens and more out of spent .50 and .20 caliber shells, as well as dummy grenades. 

Check out some of the Never Forgotten Series ($35 apiece) below, including one in honor of Chris Kyle, whose life story was told in Clint Eastwood’s hit 2014 film American Sniper.

We think it’s safe to say there are no cooler (or sturdier) bottle openers in the world—and certainly no more American ones.

Andrew P McKenna Army Special Forces

Navy SEAL Chris Kyle

Troy Gilbert Air Force Never Forgotten

Iwo Jima Never Forgotten Bottle Breacher