Leaving your house is a bit of a travesty these days – there’s just so much to carry. Your wallet, cell phone, iPod, headphones, water bottle, digital camera, car keys, change for the meter, an ear of corn for some reason.

You end up walking around with bulging pockets like you just found a treasure chest and shoved as many gold coins as you could in any place on your body you could. It’s uncomfortable, but you refuse to wear a European Carry-All, and rightfully so. This is why you should own a ScotteVest hoodie. ScotteVest has a specially designed 13-pocket, weight management system to keep you from looking bulky. In addition to this, the majority of these pockets are interconnected in something they are calling the Personal Area Network (PAN), which allows you to run your headphone wire through them, keeping them untangled. And even better, some pockets on the interior of the hoodie are clear, so you don’t have to take your iPod or iPhone out to look at them. The grey jersey is 100%, machine-washable, and can be bought for $69.99 here.