Hope Dworaczyk, Playboy’s 2010 3D Playmate of the year, was in Beverly Hills on the 16th to unveil the Maxximus G Force – the world’s fastest street legal super car, and the proud owner of 4 (count ‘em) 4 new world records.

With a spine-bending 2,700 horsepower, the Maxximus G Force set the following 4 world records for street legal cars:

1) 0 – 60 mph: 2.0 seconds

2) 0 – 150 mph: 9.3 seconds

3) Quarter Mile 9.7 seconds

4) Speed in Quarter Mile 153 mph

None of the more popular supercars – Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Enzo, McLaren F1, Porsche GT or the SSC Ultimate Aero – were able to match it in any of the above categories.

The basic design of the G Force is based on the Ultima GTR 720, it’s a mid-engine design with a Chevrolety V8 based on a Brodix all aluminum small block (434 cu. inch) engine. Its tires, transmission, and chassis balance were all specficallly selected to optimize engine power transfer because this car has no ABS and no traction control whatsoever.

The interior was designed by an aircraft interior specialist resulting in a fighter jet aesthetic which is sleek and minimalist while still allowing for some niceties (like a MP3/DVD player).

Unfortunately, this ride is not for sale (unless you’ve got the type of wealth were you can take out our monocle, polish it, and casually quip that, “anything is for sale at the right price.” Until then, though, enjoy these pics.