So you’re having people over for a summer shindig in the city?

Ramp up the warm weather vibes with good food, great friends, cold drinks and a scenic skyline.

These top tips will help make your gathering great.

Grill out
Nothing says summer quite like grill marks. A simple charcoal grill is a good portable option that you can easily cart up to the rooftop. If you prep beforehand, you can still drink and converse with guests while keeping an eye on the barbie. A good host will serve up several different dining options, so remember you can grill fruits and veggies too. Grilled pineapple, for example, can add some delicious seasonal flavor.

Keep drinks within reach
If everyone is having a good time, they aren’t going to want to break away from the party to go grab another cold one. Be prepared by bringing up a couple coolers stocked with bottles and cans. Include a separate ice bucket alongside some liquor and mixers to open up the options.

Seat yourself—and everyone else
When it comes to quality seating, you’re not ready until you’ve successfully transformed your roof into a harem. Cushions, blankets, pillows, rugs—stop at nothing to ensure ultimate comfort for partygoers. Another great, uber-comfortable option? This modern rocker from evrgrn.

Get reel
A private rooftop showing of your favorite flick is sure to be a hit when the sun goes down, and a projection screen is the only way to go here. Just make sure that in addition to the big screen, you have some quality audio. In terms of the film itself, pick a crowd-pleaser that’s easy to follow, like Old School. If someone gets up to grab a drink during Inception, they might as well just go home.


Pack some juice
Don’t forget power. Whether you are blasting tunes or rolling a film, you’re going to need to plug in somewhere. Unless your roof is equipped with outlets, we recommend using a small generator to power your party. Folks in most cities can rent one from Home Depot or a local hardware store.

Light the night
No outdoor party is complete without some festive patio lights to brighten up the space. A few solar lanterns and some flameless candles are also great options, or multitask by lighting a few decorative citronella candles that ward off unwanted winged visitors. Just be safe. After all, you don’t want people seriously yelling, “The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!”