Jail House Fire Hot Sauce advertises itself as “the only hot sauce created by inmates.” And, really, do you need any more reason beyond that to buy it? You’re a man, as you know.

If you think you’re the toughest guy on the block while you’re slathering your chicken with some TGIFriday’s weak sauce, then you better think again. Now, if you’re cooking with some sauce made by straight up convicts…you are in the contention for manliest man in your circle. These guys don’t really have much else going on there in prison, so you know they’ve probably spent plenty of time perfecting this stuff. And us spice lovers will reap the benefits! The Jail House Fire Hot Sauce comes in three flavors: Original, Smoke, and the aptly named No Escape, which is their hottest sauce. Additionally, all profits made from the sauce go to equipment and supplies for inmate programs. The bottles go from $3.00 to $7.00 (plus shipping) and can all be found on their website.