It’s universally accepted: Women in uniform are hot. So what happens when you take a hot chick in a uniform, give her a gun and stick her in the middle of an intense combat situation, whereupon she proceeds to unleash her inner badass? We don’t actually know, because we got distracted somewhere around “give her a gun.” All we know is the film Sniper: Reloaded (visit Action Unleashed for clips) features exactly that type of woman. It’s not the only movie to feature uniformed babes, either. See for yourself. These are the smokin’ soldier babes of cinema.


Annabel WrightSniper: Reloaded

Annabel Wright (along with her crazy good looks) is one of the high points of Sniper: Reloaded. She plays a hard-nosed army lieutenant who we wouldn’t mind taking orders from. Drop and give you 20? No problem. Check out my guns while I’m down there.


Demi MooreG.I. Jane

Demi Moore, arguably at the peak of her game in the mid-1990s, set the bar high for the female soldier archetype with her role as a tough U.S. Army lieutenant out to prove herself in G.I. Jane.


Michelle RodriguezBattle: LA

Michelle Rodriguez pretty much always plays a chick with a gun, but in Battle: LA she actually donned a set of a camouflage fatigues and dove headfirst into battle.


Moon BloodgoodTerminator Salvation

Piloting a futuristic aircraft in the fight against humanity’s robot overlords is not an easy task, but it helps if you are Moon Bloodgood, professional hot chick and frequent purveyor of cinematic badassery.


Meg RyanCourage Under Fire

Although she was dead the entire movie (in the flashback way, not the Bruce Willis way) Meg Ryan commanded a powerful presence in Courage Under Fire as a deceased army captain up for the Medal of Honor. More importantly, however, she proved that skinny blonde chicks can still rock the hell out of combat gear.


Jessica SimpsonPrivate Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous

Please note that by including the film Private Valentine in this list we are in no way recommending that you actually watch it. In fact, don’t. All you need to know is that Jessica Simpson is in it, and she plays a hot soldier. Let’s leave it at that.

Rachel NicholsG.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Rachel Nichols’ role as super soldier Scarlett in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra tested her ability to look hot while firing a machine gun. The verdict: Much success.


Karolina KukovaG.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Another G.I. Joe alum, Karolina Kukova jumped straight from professional modeling into her role as a professional warrior. We’re still torn on which suits her better.


Denise RichardsStarship Troopers

Even though she ended up with a giant spider claw through her shoulder, Denise Richards kicked enough ass in Starship Troopers to merit a place among cinema’s hottest soldier chicks. Well done, Denise. We salute you. Also, you’re still hot.


Angelina JolieSky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

In Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Angelina Jolie doesn’t just play a soldier; she plays a high-ranking military commander who takes flak from no one. What can we say: We’re suckers for powerful women, especially when they’re in charge of multi-million dollar airborne combat fortresses capable of leveling entire cities. Hot.