For the masses, Tax Day is a pretty stressful and unsatisfying day. You’ve spent a ton of time on Turbo Tax, bleaching your face a ghostly pallor from the computer screen (much like your faithful Chicki editors). Maybe you’ve decided not to pay your taxes and you decided to join a Tea Bagging brigade for most of the day, leaving you as exhausted as a frat boy during pledge week. Either way, you need some time to decompress. Never fear; we’ve got the hottest finance reporters in the business to remind you of the beauty behind all of your bills and focus on their very alluring assets instead of your failing ones. Make any “I’d tax that a*s” jokes at your own discretion.

Nicole Petallides

Nicole’s a gorgeous and saavy business reporter who’s been covering the subject for years for many of the biggest news corporations, including Bloomberg television and (most recently) Fox News. She was also cool enough to give a “on-the-floor” tour of the NY Stock Exchange to the good folks at Wallstreet Fighter, which makes her extra cool. If she doesn’t already have a nickname, I recommend “Nickels.” Then again, maybe “Dime” would be more appropriate, because Nicole is clearly a 10. Cheesy, yes, but also true.

Alexis Glick

Ms. Glick is Vice President of Business News and an anchor of Money for Breakfast and The Opening Bell, and her financial experience indicates another trend in this list of ladies: unbelievable intelligence and ambition. She graduated with honors from Columbia (no big deal), and went right from that into a coveted analyst job at Goldman Sachs (of course), and eventually wound up being the first, youngest woman to head the NYSE (ok, that’s pretty badass). She can manage my bulge market fund any day.

Liz Claman

Ms. Claman (a.k.a. “The Red Baroness,” “Crimson Queen,” and/or “Liz”) is a veteran journalist and Emmy-winning producer for Fox Business Network. Her debut on the network was highly touted, as it included an interview with legendary investor, and frequent Jimmy Buffet impersonator, Warren Buffett. After their interview, Mr. Buffett reconsider using the color red for losses in any of his financial ventures, because Ms. Claman’s auburn hair set his soul on fire. True story.

Bianna Golodryga

Bianna is a financial genius and all-around babe who was featured in our other hot news anchors feature. Being featured in two different Chickipedia articles is a rare and very prestigious honor that few women other than feminine-force-of-nature Megan Fox have been able to achieve, so that should give you an indication of how much we respect Bianna. And yet, she still won’t return our 2 AM phone calls about stock prices and junk bonds. Some day…

Soledad O’Brien

Soledad may actually have been the result of an MIT thinktank on hotness and intelligence, some rare and unbelievable species of super woman. Her father was Irish and her mother was Afro-Cuban, and the success of their progeny could make any other family’s accomplishments seem like utter underachievement. While Soledad only became a Harvard graduate and nationally-recognized and awarded television journalist, she has five older siblings (all of whom are Harvard grads as well) who are variously employed as corporate lawyers, a document company CEO, an eye surgeon, and a highly paid anesthesiologist. You pretty much have to become a gorgeous television personality not to look like a failure in that family!

Jenna Lee

Jenna’s the sexy young lady that keeps all the other Fox cougars on their toes. She graduated from Cal and ended up working for Prior to that, she worked for NY1, serving as a reporter and a segment producer for Fortune Business Report. While there, she also served as an associate producer for Inside City Hall, a live nightly politics program, and as a writer for their morning newscast.