by Tyler V

Over the centuries, men have found all sorts of different excuses to kick the crap out of each other. Someone offended their honor. An enemy tried to take over their territory. Your buddy wouldn’t shut his mouth about how bad he beat you at Madden. All those reasons, however varied they really are, lead back to the one ultimate prize any man hopes to achieve: to win the love of a girl. Needless to say, it’s hard to woo a maiden from the ICU at the local hospital, so winning is usually the better option.

Any man lucky enough to have the following chicks in his corner would have a big incentive to pummel the other guy into submission. They’d sure make things at Chickipedia’s underground fight club a little more interesting…it’s mostly slap fights.

Zulay Henao

Fighter She Cheers For: Shawn MacArthur in Fighting

Besides having a very exotic and interesting name, Zulay is also a gorgeous up and coming actress who has the chops and look to become a big star. She’s basically a Latina version of Jessica Biel. Her first big starring role was in Feel the Noise, which is certainly one of the best dancing movies ever…in the last couple years. Maybe Tatum Channing could beat the crap out of Nick Cannon in Fighting 2 for taking Mariah Carey away from all of us.

Nona Gaye

Fighter She Cheers For: Muhammed Ali in Ali

To be sought out by The Greatest, you have to be pretty great yourself. Ms. Gaye clearly qualifyed in her portrayal of Ali’s first wife, whom he married when she was only 17. The relationship, like the relationships of most fighters, was very tumultuous and did not last very long. There are more lovers than fighters in her own family, however, as she’s the daugther of legendary soul singer Marvin Gaye. A woman like Nona might encourage sexual healing instead of a bad beating in the strongest fighters.

Alice Braga

Who She Cheers For: Mike Terry in Redbelt

With the huge rise in popularity of MMA fighting, you know a filmmaker was eventually going to tackle that world, and David Mamet took the challenge. He cast Alice Braga in the role probably because she’s equal parts siren and warrior, a tough and beautiful chick that’s strong enough to keep a traditional fighter focused on the other things in life. At only 22, she’s a young and fiercely sought after Brazilian actress who’ll keep many, many men focused on the movie screens even when nobody is fighting each other.

Lauren Holly

Who She Cheers For: Bruce Lee in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

The man who is often considered one of the greatest martial arts masters of all time deserves a hot woman, and Ms. Holly more than qualifies. She plays Lee’s wife, caring for him in tough times and also keeping him in line like most of these women do with their fightin’ men. As the young, hip reader that you are, you probably also remember her from the critically acclaimed drama Dumb and Dumber, starring alongside Jim Carrey as…um, Swami, Swanson, uhhh…Sampsonite! Man, I was way off!

Connie Nielsen

Who She Cheers For: Maximus in Gladiator

Life was tougher back in the days of Ancient Rome: fights went down to the death, the barbarian hordes always threatened, and togas were usually very scratchy for the common man. So, to be a fighter’s chick, you had to be tough yourself, as Nielsen clearly portrayed in her character Lucilla. She pulls off a turn as a devastatingly beautiful, always intelligent heiress to the Empire while managing to ward off Joaquin Phoenix’s creepy advances (a performance now mirrored in real life). Nielsen is originally from Denmark and stands model-sexy at 5’9″.

Françoise Yip

Who She Cheers For: Keung in Rumble in the Bronx

Francoise is best known for playing leggy, redeemable bad girls in movie’s like Jackie Chan’s Rumble in the Bronx.She also plays the four most awesome adjective you can have in one role (Chinese Gangster Motorcycle Assassin) in Jet Li’s Romeo Must Die. She was also a model in college. Considering how Jackie looks, he must be one of the most fantastic fighters in the world to land a chick as hot as the French Canadian Francoise.