Grant Reynolds is a former Marine sniper, an actor, a motorcycle enthusiast.  And, he is one hell of a stay-at-home dad.  You’re about to find out a whole lot more about this guy in the following interview, and then again this weekend when “Househusbands of Hollywood” premiers on the Fox Reality.  Taking the Housewives of _____ premise and turning it on its ear, “Househusbands” aims to tell the stories of former L.A. Dodger Billy Ashley, actor Darryl Bell (“A Different World”), actor Danny Barclay, actor/writer Charlie Mattera, Grant Reynolds, and the high-powered, bread-winning women they married.

What’s a typical day look like for a househusband like yourself?
Well, Its different everyday. I just have the morning shift. We are fortunate that my wife has a great gig in the sense that she only has to work 3 hours a day. I mean c’mon- who wouldn’t want that gig. I make sure my little girl gets a nice breakfast in her, has a smile on her face, and I do everything in my power to keep her away from the T.V. Look, Im the luckiest guy in the world. I get to participate in the daily upbringing of my kid….thats a pretty big deal to me and I don’t want to blow it.

Ever miss the Marines? What was good/bad about it?
Sure I miss the Corps, but I betcha they miss me more! The good and the bad weigh the same. I loved the attitude, the motto, the strength. There isn’t anything the Marine Corps cannot do. I try and keep that attitude in my day to day life. However I just do it without ego now because that S%#t doesn’t fly with the ladies if you know what I mean.

Any lessons learned as a sniper that you bring to being a dad?
I get asked that question a lot….and I always say patience. Sometimes you have to wait 2 or 3 days for a shot on target and it gets real hardcore at that point. Your mind and body start to fight each other but discipline and training and sheer will step in and patience holds it all together…. hate to love love to hate patience- but it works the world for me dealing with my baby girl. It allows me to watch her blossom on her own timeline like a little desert rose.

What’s something impressive you can do in the kitchen?
Toast! Just kidding… name it man, I can cook it. I’m not messing with you either. I can crush it in the kitchen- just ask the old lady. Steak, chicken, fish, risotto, as long as its high octane food I’m cooking it.

Where do you find time to act, restore vintage bikes, and be a husband and dad? Do you sleep 3 hours a night?
Acting is my favorite thing in the world. Its the ultimate playground- you really get to search the depths of your experience and bring them to the table to tell a story- and its different every time. I’ll never stop acting, unless I’m booed off the stage…which hasn’t happened yet. Restoring vintage cars/bikes is something I’ve done since I was 15 so that just seems normal to me. When it’s normal like that, it fits in naturally and presents itself often and I just jump on it. You have to jump on it or it slowly removes itself from your lifestyle. We’ve all had that happen to us where we love to do something but don’t have the time…I make the time.

Is there any way your daughter won’t grow up to be the coolest lady in the world? Seems inevitable.
Thank You! Thats the nicest compliment I can receive right now. I have really worked hard at staying out of my daughters way and letting her develop effortlessly. By that I mean I just didn’t want to be the parent going “no” or “stop” or “timeout” every 5 seconds….I just have to give her the “look” and she gets what it is I want her to do…or not to do. I’m knocking on wood right now.

How do you stay in shape being so busy?
I work out 3/4 days a week right down the street. For me, I have to work out. I consider that a good habit. And my logic is simple with that. If I didn’t take care of myself, I would consider that a bad habit.

Tell us about your tattoos?
I got my first tattoo when I was 15! My mom was so pissed off. It was HUGE. I got a lion on my left arm from Mark Mahoney who I lied to and said I was 18…that was the beginning of the end. They all have their own little meanings. I’m not sure if I’m going to get anymore but if I do, I’ll probably base them around my kid. Nothing kooky but you know what I mean.

What do you say to those men who call being a house husband un-manly?
I don’t give a flying crap what other guys say about my position. The most manly thing a guy can do is take care of his family and thats exactly what I’m doing right now. Look, it’s not like I’m never going to work again. I’m an actor. I work on again off again type jobs and in the interim I get to participate in raising my kid. If you don’t want to do that as a Man, Father, and Husband- then you shouldn’t be having kids….and you’re probably the guy who is calling what I’m doing un-manly!

From “In each episode of Househusbands of Hollywood, the stay-at-home husbands struggle to prove that love will prevail despite some male ego bursting situations.” So how do you keep your ego in check? We use Nerf guns and passive-aggressive sticky notes, here in the office.
Keeping my ego in check is absolutely the most difficult thing to deal with. I’m a man, man. I wake up with ego. But I will say that dealing with removing ego from my day to day has made me a MUCH more complete person. Ego in todays world is almost an enemy for a man. Its kind of antiquated. Don’t get me wrong, ego is ever present- the trick is pushing it to the side. When you get ego out of the way, the answer is usually right behind it. But to answer you question about what I do to keep it in check- play as much golf as I can, ride my bikes as much as I can, and work on myself as much as I can. Im still young in my eyes so I haven’t figured out the perfect way to deal with ego. But I have a feeling it will be something I deal with the rest of my life! Doh!