Is there anything more helpful than your best wingman by your side during a night out? Actually, as it turns out, being able to read the body language of women will save both you and your wingman a lot of time and trouble. By simply tuning into a women’s reaction by assessing body language, you can gauge her interest within the initial stages of the conversation.

Bradley "Yukon" Booth – a spokesperson for online gaming website who is widely known for his stint on NBC’s hit show Poker after Dark – has refined his skills on the table to apply to an abundance of real-life situations. A master at reading his opponents, Booth also uses his sharp perceptive skills off of the table in order to read body language in women and potential love interests.

Below, he outlines his top observations that will help you guys clue in on whether or not the feelings are mutual during your next night on the town. So listen up, because Brad points out why a woman’s body language and signals are crucial: as it turns out, how she says things are just as important – if not more so – that what she is actually saying….


When you are talking to a woman, if she is mimicking your body position and action it means that she is comfortable in the situation and most
likely interested by you and what you are saying. On the other hand, if she is turned away from you or standing in an opposing position, it likely means she is disinterested or closed off.

Arms Crossed

This is one of the worst possible gestures that you can encounter when you’re trying to flirt with a woman. This gesture indicates someone who is closed off and doesn’t trust you.

Reading the Smile

False smiles pull back only the mouth while real smiles pull back both mouth and eyes. If she smiles with her mouth but not her eyes, it’s likely that she’s just trying to be polite. But if you can see both rows of teeth when she smiles, she’s genuinely happy to be with you – and if she moistens her lips with the tip of her tongue, that’s a very good thing.

The Eyes

Dilated pupils mean that she is interested in the topic. See if you can gauge her pupil’s reaction to you by noticing their size and the way it may change. Also, if she makes direct, steady eye contact, she’s interested.

Look at Her Hands

Look at her hands while you talk: if her palms are open, it shows sincerity and receptivity – she isn’t hiding anything from you. If her fists are closed or clenched, she’s angry or she’s protecting herself from you (or she’s about to take a swing at you). Also, what is she doing when looking at you? If she tilts her head, she’s creating a sultry, affectionate gaze that shows her interest.

Noticing the Little Things

Beyond the obvious smile, eyes, and general body position, it is crucial to pay attention to the little things. If she tosses or touches her hair, this is classic "preening" behavior and is clearly flirtatious in a social setting. If she lifts her hair off her neck and stretches, baring her neck, she’s displaying submissive behavior that leaves her vulnerable to you – a telltale sign of attraction. If she taps or drums
her fingers, she’s bored, impatient or annoyed.