A recent J.D. Power and Associates consumer satisfaction survey (you hear about them all the time in car commercials) has revealed business/enterprise professionals prefer using the iPhone to the Blackberry.

How did this happen? Ever since the iPhone came out we’ve heard that it’s a fun little gadget for the average consumer, but for serious business functionality the Blackberry is still the industry standard. Just think of the stereotypical iPhone user compared to the typical ‘Crackberry addict‘.

Now it appears all those rash stereotypes were unjust and unwarranted. The iPhone is a viable business device, whether your IT manager wants to admit it or not. This JD Power survey is one more step in the direction of iPhone dominance. When the Blackberry was first introduced, it completely ignored the desires and wants of the ‘average consumer’. It was geared at the on-the-go business professional who could care less about touch screens and ‘widgets’. Now the marketing campaign for BlackBerry has drastically changed. The target: Average people with dogs, kids, and beachballs! [Videos after the jump]

When Apple came on the scene with the iPhone it went in the opposite direction. Geared towards the average consumer first, creating daily life solutions:

Now Apple is poised to make a break into the business world. Although I don’t think we’ll be seeing any iPhone vs. BlackBerry personification ads anytime soon (Mac vs. PC is a big enough battle), I do think Apple will be taking advantage of this positive publicity. Perhaps a whole new slew of business-specific applications are on the way?

I’ll stop there with any future predictions, because the new BlackBerry Bold has arrived and I’ve been hearing it, and the forthcoming BlackBerry Storm, will blow a lot of people away.

Katie Barrett from the Wall Street Journal reviews the Bold:

So what’s your opinion? Should suit-and-tie-wearing businessmen finally get on the iPhone train? Or does BlackBerry still hold your heart? Let us know in the comments.

TechCheck: New Study Says iPhone Ranks First For Business, November 6, 2008