CNBC launched a big advertising push recently, claiming they are increasing their viewership by substantial numbers, but there’s one thing on that network that will always suck – Donny Deutsch.

If you’re not familiar with his “prime time” show ‘The Big Idea with Donny Detusch‘, I’ll give you a little summary. It’s a show with a set very similar to ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ where Deutsch shoots straight from the hip with entrepreneurs who became successful with a ‘big idea’. And it really is terrible.

To be honest, if I wanted to watch a guy blow smoke up someone’s ass for inventing something as ‘brilliant’ as Crocs, I would probably be better off watching some home shopping network. At least they have stuff like this to occasionally entertain you.

Deutsch himself is a marketing executive turned author, turned TV show host and feels oddly out of place on the business news network. The title of his book, “Often Wrong, Never In Doubt” seems to explain the reason he is still on the air. His ratings are certainly not improving as much as CNBC would like.

Back in June, the Huffington Post reported that ‘The Big Idea’ was one of the least watched shows on CNBC and, as a matter of fact, it was often ‘scratched’. This means its ratings were lower than the 122,000 viewers needed to even register on the Nielsen rating system. Since the start of 2008, Deutsch’s show has ‘scratched’ for 61 of its 142 telecasts. That’s basically saying that 43% of the time, no one is watching.

I really do like a lot of CNBC’s programming and, of course, it’s generally understood that they are the most watched source for business news. But, I just can’t think of a more literary way of saying that Deutsch’s show basically sucks.  I’ve watched it a few times and regretted it every single one.

Maybe if he wore his speedo on the air a little more, his ratings would improve with the lady demographics, but I’m not even sure that would help. Watch it with the sound off, perhaps?

Say what you want about the Fox Business Channel, but they always make your viewing time worth watching with some of our favorite straight talking biz babes (most notably Jenna Lee). Interestingly, Fox Biz has been getting a lot of bogus bad press lately from CNBC-loving Portfolio magazine and DealBreaker, but can you really compare the two networks’ ratings when CNBC is available on nationwide basic cable while Fox Business is exclusively on digital (excluding NYC)? I think not.

Besides, any channel that doesn’t waste my time with Donny Deutsch’s mind-numbing hour of crap (like an interview on why Artie Lange is successful?! Are you kidding me? He’s not!) gets bonus points in my book.

Do you agree? Or are you a big fan of Donny’s show? Please let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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