If you believe everything you see in The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook to win over a girl. Well, guess what: you can use Facebook to win over… a lot of girls. How? Through the power of Facebook ads, of course!

Facebook ads have actually helped a lot of guys meet attractive women. Like, a lot of attractive women. And do things with them. Fun things.

Yep, that’s right—those little ads you see on Facebook that are somehow perfectly tailored to your interests? One of them could feature your face. The product you’re selling: yourself. Believe it or not, Facebook ads have actually helped a lot of guys meet attractive women. Like, a lot of attractive women. And do things with them. Fun things.

Ready to start placing your own Facebook ads in the name of romantic glory? Here are six guiding principles from Scott Valdez, a dating expert and founder of both Virtual Dating Assistants and Click Magnet. He learned through trial and error, and these tips have gotten him action across the globe. Read, follow and you should see a major spike in your sales—er, social life.

1. Start small.
This isn’t like buying airtime for the Super Bowl. Facebook might be the most popular website ever created, but the cost of placing advertisements on it is actually pretty affordable. (Facebook’s basic ad price is about $0.08 per click. Meaning, you are charged eight cents every time someone clicks on your ad.) To get started, you won’t want to put more than $100 into your initial campaign, which could last a month and could earn you more than 100 friend requests from high-quality women.

The women you meet on Facebook might not be quite this smokin’.

2. Create a strong ad.
Of course, to see great results, you need to create a strong ad. If you’re uploading a picture of yourself, make sure it’s a great one. (Like, the best picture you’ve ever taken in your life. And ideally, don’t look too different than this picture in real life.) In terms of the words in the ad, keep it short and fun, and make sure your message is clear. And if you don’t feel like the ad is working after a few days, change up the picture or the text.

3. Target women in your area/age range.
Another awesome thing about Facebook ads is you can target exactly the kind of women you want to reach. So in your case, you’ll probably want to narrow your search to women in and around your city. You’ll also want to place parameters on age. For example, 18 to 25 might be the ideal age range for you. Or, if you’re lookin’ to hunt a few cougars, pick an age range of, say, 35 to 48.

4. Target gorgeous women.
You can also target women based on their interests—which, if you’re smart about it, can help you locate some really attractive females. For example, Valdez realized that if he added keywords like “modeling” to his search, he could reach women who were interested in modeling careers—which typically meant they were rather easy on the eyes. You could do the same thing with keywords like ““acting” or “singing.” Better yet, target women who do yoga (or hike, or jog, or weight-train) and say in your ad you’re looking for a workout partner.

Just be sure to use the key words “swimsuit modeling.”

5. Advertise for events.
Facebook ads work great for specific events, says Valdez. So if you’re planning a housewarming party and want to make sure that your new place is filled with attractive women, place a Facebook ad about it. Likewise, if there’s a concert you’d like to attend but you don’t have anyone to go with, place a Facebook ad. Suddenly, your problem won’t be finding someone to go with you to that Lumineers show. It’ll be selecting among all the hotties who want to go with you.

6. Advertise when you’re traveling.
Maybe the best function of Facebook ads? Meeting women when you’re away from home. Valdez discovered this fact when he did a little online self-promotion before a trip to Europe. “I started running the ad before I boarded the plane, literally in the Delta sky lounge,” says Valdez. “When I landed in London, I had 50 friend requests.” True, you might not be sexually attracted to every woman who responds. But play your ads right on Facebook—especially when you’re overseas—and you may be canceling that hotel reservation before you even leave the airport.