I’ve decided for this special occasion I am going to waive my normal $10,000 a day fee
usually charge to advise and give YUM! Brands a makeover. YUM! Brands is the company that owns KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Long John Silvers, and a few other restaurant chains. In this case, I am going to concentrate on the Big 3., KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. Here are 7 Things that will drastically improve sales and improve what has become flat growth in their stores. This applies only to US based stores because I have no idea of the food product mix of their foreign operations

KFC needs to become a chicken sandwich master. They need to come out with an exact copy of Chic-fil-A. Grilled chicken sandwiches on whole grain buns with some nice spices. You can deep fry but keep it a “soft” deep fried coating like Chic’s. That hard shell over the chicken just doesn’t cut it anymore. People love a good chicken sandwich.

KFC should have a Fish on Friday’s campaign. Don’t serve it any other day and make it a huge portion of high quality fish. Serve it with all the fixin’s and fresh tomato and lettuce. They can make it in bulk and still make it taste like the local restaurant’s fish sandwhich.

Put the best employee at the Drive Thru Window. Both KFC and Taco Bell need this change badly. Today’s fast food is all about the drive through window. KFC and Taco Bell are known for their worthless window attendants. From now on put the most polite, smartest, person you can find and pay them 50% more than the other positions. Make it the job to have and the job that only the best get. It is spokes person for the brand even the slightest mistake leaves a bad taste in the customer’s mouth (no pun intended). I can’t think of a better thing to be known for than having the best drive through staff in the industry. The $4 more an hour you pay for that person will pay back drastically over time.

Taco Bell needs to add lemon rice as the base of their products. Minimize the bean base and switch to rice with a hint of lemon and lime. It’s the key filler of Chipotle and has single handidly changed the burrito and taco markets. The bean base is a thing of the past.

Pizza Hut needs to add some premium pizzas to the menu. Ever heard a place called Mellow Mushroom Pizza? Copy it and put these on the menu. Make sure to push the vegetarian and the fresh ingredients. Don’t worry about the price. You already have the low price area covered. The delivery business is cutthroat. Your sit down business is what you need to build and you can only do that with high quality pizza. The delivery pizza isn’t good enough to bring people in. The brand is strong enough that you can still have high quality pizza and not make it look like you’re stretching the brand too far. Something that Dominos and and Papa John’s have no chance at.

Taco Bell can add breakfast burritos. This is your chance, you’ve tried it breakfast and it never worked. The difference now is breakfast burritos have caught on but nobody does one that is fresh and any good but Qdoba. It will be hard to staff around one product but pay me and I have the other breakfast lineup already thought out (everything can’t be free).

Move towards fresh. Chipotle is proving that less items on the menu is better if you can keep the ingredients fresh. Put a grill at the store and make the food as it is ordered. It CAN be done. For instance. At KFC let them watch you make chicken sandwich. As it becomes more popular you can make it in advance to keep the line moving faster. Time is of concern to your customers, it is “fast” food , but they will give it a few extra minutes for good food, I promise.