I may not have been smart enough to start digg but I’m smart enough to know how to improve it. Digg needs to add more categories to get clear up the chaos in the Offbeat News section. It’s time to add more categories. We all know there needs to be a picture section with several subsections such as funny or interesting. We all know a humor section would become the most popular section in digg. It is already happening anyway so why not section it out so people that want to look for real news don’t have to sort through the humor? (I’m not looking for real news, just humor). I think Kevin doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact the site has become mostly tech and humor based and that the real news has taken a back seat. I say who cares and let’s sort out the articles that are being submitted. Digg is one of the most popular sites in the world and if millions of people come to see hot pictures of Jessica Alba then let them come. Don’t fight it, organize it.