Drinking games are the backbone of every successful party, and learning how to play the waterfall drinking game can be a great way to have some fun. The waterfall drinking game is one of the most fun drinking games to play because everyone plays it a little differently.

The waterfall drinking game gets better when you use a creative set of house rules. Beer, wine coolers and mixed drinks work best for the waterfall drinking game. Straight liquor can make the game end more quickly and increase the chances of hangovers or alcohol poisoning.

To play the waterfall drinking game, you will need nothing but a deck or two of cards, three or more players and an abundance of alcohol!


The cards go in the center of the table, and each player draws one card each turn. What happens next depends on the cards that are drawn…

Drawing a 2. When a player draws a two, that player sends two drinks to any other player.

Drawing a 3. Whoever draws a three takes three large sips of her drink.

Drawing a 4. When a player draws a four, all of the girls playing take a drink.

Drawing a 5. When a five is drawn, the player who drew it takes three gulps of her drink.

Drawing a 6. When someone draws a six, all of the guys playing take a drink.

Drawing a 7. The player who draws a seven can send seven gulps to anyone. The seven swigs can be divided among players however the card-holder decides. She can decide to send them all to one player or to send three to one player and four to another, or any combination that adds up to seven.

Drawing an 8. The player who draws an eight names a category, like soft drinks or breeds of dogs. Going in a circle, everyone says a unique word that belongs in that category. The first player to repeat a word or not get a word in five seconds must drink.

Drawing a 9. Whoever draws a nine says a sentence. The next player must say a word that rhymes with the last word of that sentence. This continues until a player cannot rhyme with the last word and must drink.

Drawing a 10. The player who draws a ten says something they have never done. Any player who has done that same thing must drink.

Drawing a Jack. This card is a wild card. It can be used for any house rule. If no one can decide on a rule, it can be used to add rules throughout the game.

Drawing a Queen. The queen is a question card. Whoever draws this card must choose a player to have a conversation. The two can only speak in question form. The first player to repeat a question or who is unable to think of a question must drink.

Drawing a King. Kings have their own set of rules. The player who draws a king must make a rule that will last the entire game. If the rule is unpopular it can only be cancelled by another king’s rule.

Drawing an Ace. The waterfall drinking game was named for this card. Aces are the waterfall card. Everyone must begin drinking with the player who drew the card. When the player who drew the card stops drinking, only the player on her left can stop drinking. When the player on her left stops drinking, the next player to the left has the option to stop drinking. This continues until everyone has stopped drinking in this manner one by one.

The game ends when the deck or the alcohol runs out. The waterfall drinking game rules are pretty simple, even though there are a lot of cards to remember. Nicknaming the cards with a simple rhyme can help, such as “Nine’s a rhyme,” “Two for you” or “Three for me.”