rob lowe hairSchneidman and Lowe doing their thing.

It’s an age-old conundrum: What the hell do you do with your hair when you’re trying to grow it out and it’s in that awkward “in-between” stage?

Facing this dilemma ourselves, we decided to ask an expert. So we fired an email to our buddy Jason Schneidman, the Men’s Groomer behind the fantastic follicles of everyone from Bruno Mars to Hugh Jackman. Here’s what he said:

“I’ve been doing this lately with Rob Lowe! Basically we wanted to grow the top out so it looked more severe on top having a funky length. So I used like a half of a golf ball of water-based pomade, saturating the hair, making it feel extremely yucky like a swim cap, brushing it all back Pat Riley style so it looked longer and slick on top.

“Then I put a clipper on and shaved the sides and back off, setting us up for a long top grow-out. After it was cut it was real fun to play with a comb doing all kinds of greaser style and Jon Hamm type stuff.”

“Also if you don’t cut the sides off and you want to grow it all, the pomade swim cap method will mask the untidiness as it grows. So you actually fake it till you make it!”

There you have it, folks. Show this story to your stylist and you should be good to go. Oh and stay tuned for an interview with Lowe later this week…