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Apologizing for a drunk dial can be a little humiliating, especially if you’re not quite sure what was said during the conversation or in the message. However, if you know that you’ve been drunk dialing, sometimes it’s the best policy to apologize for it. If your friend, girlfriend or ex-girlfriend didn’t mind the call, they’ll probably just make a joke of it.

Wait until you’re no longer drunk. Don’t try to apologize for a drunk dial while you’re still feeling the effects of the alcohol. Wait until the next day, after the initial hangover symptoms have passed. You’ll be better at apologizing when you’re sobered up, but make sure you contact the person to apologize within 24 hours of the call.

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Approach the subject right away. If you wait too long into the conversation to mention the drunk dial, it’s probably going to be awkward, particularly if you’re talking to a girl you like or an ex-girlfriend. Apologize as soon as the conversation starts.

Explain that you were drunk. Just in case there’s some confusion, knowing that you were drunk can help explain anything strange or inappropriate that was said. This does not mean that being drunk is an excuse, but it can shed light on your odd behavior.

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Wait for a response. Avoid rambling on and on during the apology for the drunk dial. Give the apology and the explanation, and then keep quiet to let the other person talk. Hopefully, they’ll shrug it off or make a joke. After all, we’ve all been there at one time or another.

End the conversation on a positive note. This is really important if things have been awkward up to this point. Maybe ask if the person wants to get together or say that it’s been great catching up. Just try to say something positive that relates to the relationship you have with the person you’re apologizing to.