Imagine you’re talking to a girl who just got out of a relationship, but you don’t know how to be a girl’s rebound. Tread lightly, because she may not have the best attitude toward men right now, especially if the break-up was a rough one. But if you pay attention, you can clean the glass and seduce a sweet rebound chick.  How do you be a girl’s rebound? It’s pretty simple, actually.

Get Her Talking, and Start Listening. The easiest thing you can do is get her talking about her ex-boyfriend. That should be easy, especially if she’s still bitter over the end of the relationship. She’ll have no shortage of complaints about what he did now that she’s on the rebound. At this point, you should be doing two things: Listening, and asking questions. Do no talk about your old relationships, and definitely don’t show any sympathy for her boyfriend. Just listen, and ask. Communication is the number one reason that relationships end. By showing how effective you are at communicating, you are already scoring points, and you’re on your way to being this girl’s rebound.

Be Different. Aside from showing her what a good listener you are, you’re looking for info on the old boyfriend. Specifically, “What did he do that bothered her so much?” If he was a great guy, chances are there’d be no chance for you to be this girl’s rebound, so he probably had plenty of annoying habits. Make sure that you don’t have any of those habits, either! A rebound girl is looking for the total opposite of her old boyfriend, so play to that. Was he too domineering? Then be passive. Did he never want to go out? Tell her about the places you’d love to take her. Was he a drunk? Switch to water! It’s easy, but you have to be paying attention, not just staring and ogling.  Otherwise, this girl will end up some other guy’s rebound, and you’ll be boxed out.

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Where Do You Want This To Go? Before you try to be a girl’s rebound, decide how long you want this relationship to last? Are you looking for a quick fling?  Then you can go in with guns blazing and throw your best ideas at her. Show her the time of her life, be as great and considerate as you can possibly, and when it comes to sex, make it frequent and passionate. Wow her, because once this is over, it’s over. If you’re looking for a long term relationship, focus on really making sure that you don’t possess the same qualities that her last boyfriend did. If she hated how much of a jock he was, she probably won’t dig you for long if you play basketball after work every night and watch sports all weekend. Build a stable relationship based on friendship and mutual interests before you get too hot and heavy, or you’ll be looking for another rebound girl before long.

Being a girl’s rebound can be an easy opening to a fun relationship, but be careful.  You’re only getting one side of the break-up story.  This girl could have been stubborn, abusive, and crazy enough to drive her ex to leave her.  Just keep your ears open and remember the tips in this guide.  After that, it’s easy to be a girl’s rebound.  You’ll be cleaning the defensive glass and scoring rebounds like Dwight Howard if you stay focused.