Whether you are needing to get a point a cross, impress your friends, or calm a tense situation, intimidation can be a handy tool. It is not a feeling, though, one can necessarily command without a little prep work. True intimidation is more than doing your best MMA impression. A Cretan relies only on brute force, while a Made Man employs confidence, cunning and cool to control any setting. Check out our more casual method of inducing this powerful emotion.

Watch what you say

You probably know people that simply speak too much. Their mouth are waterfalls of worthlessness with words just flopping all over the place. Invariable, they repeat themselves multiple times to make certain you heard them. What they do not understand is that their endless babble is actually having the opposite effect, you and everyone else around will tune the chatter out. Why listen the first time if you are just going to here it again and again. Learn from them and speak only when you have something important to say. Keep it short and never repeat yourself. Listeners will realize your words have weight and pay attention. Allow pauses to go unfilled rather than obliging those that are uncomfortable fake conversation. This creates an aura of unknown about you, and people always fear what they don’t understand.

Carry some arm candy

A beautiful woman will always get the attention of a crowd. Always. As you move through your next event, bar, dinner, etc. make sure the hottest girl in the room is with you. At first, the drooling, jealous males will assume you are rich, then assure themselves that you are less endowed, in order to cope with their loneliness. You probably are rich, but do not flaunt it. Dote on your date, buy a round for some strangers and tell a killer joke. When people see you are not a prick, they can only wonder what hidden talents you control that would make such a beauty follow you around. Perhaps you are a rock star, lion tamer or treasure hunter. The pack of cubicle monkeys will have no choice but to respect that you have a woman they never could speak to and cower from your prowess.

Learn from your best friend

Despite what your girlfriend might believe, dogs cannot talk. They do, however, communicate through body language, and so should you. Carry yourself proudly by standing tall with good posture, illustrating to others that you do not back down. This also maximizes your size, so you can get all you can out of that 5′ 9”, 150lb frame. Do not avoid your opponents face gaze and keep your facial expressions to a minimum; no smiling like a goofy idiot. Wearing a poker face forces the intimidee to guess your emotions, and they likely won’t choose happy. Say, “I’m a raving lunatic,” without actually speaking.

Keep an eye on fashion

As two awesomely bearded fellows once put it, “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.” At the same time, a lesser dude will think twice about questioning a man that is very well put together. Your ensemble is an important part of earning intimidation. We are not talking about dressing real flashy, or in blood soaked clothes. The latter would probably make sure others keep their distance, but not likely to go over well at the office or bar. Wear clothes that are visibly well made and compliment your body. Avoid things the shine or fit too tight. No need to promote brands; a subtle, confident wardrobe that doesn’t need a label works best. Your look will have mass appeal and avoid giving the impression you are compensating for a lack of…personality.

Use your head

Finally, be confident. Imagine yourself as a powerful individual, which you are. Those around you are weaker. It is crude, but effective. All of the tips we have been discussing build your intimidation factor for several reasons. First, they should make you confident. Also, your appearance and demeanor does not show weakness and thus you are not a target for intimidation. You don’t seem to be covering a flaw; it looks like you belong their. What you’ve done is build a solid foundation to draw from. When you need to step up and back someone else down, the work has already been done, just take what is yours.