Being a memorable man is much like being a memorable actor. Think of a woman and/or your boss as the casting director. After hours of sitting in the same place, seeing a multitude of young candidates desperate for the part, they may have lost their sense of excitement concerning ‘who’s next.‘That’s where you come in, casually steal their hearts away and forever imprint a memory of yourself into their minds. How? Unlike the mass of boring men who preceded you, (pretending to possess masculine intrigue, simulating a pretty sad version of Brad Pitt), you’re actually going to be yourself.

Confidence of Key

Cliches are cliches for a reason – they are almost always true. Confidence as a necessity for social success is most certainly one of them. By enveloping yourself in fears, insecurities and nervousness over your desire not to duplicate everyone else out there, you are only drawing nearer to that unfortunate end. Instead, relax and try not to censor your quirks (unless they’re intolerable, of course) and allow your personality to calmly present itself as honestly as possible. Immediately, this sets you apart from the bland sort of people attempting to ‘fit in,’ and magnetizes attention to the attractiveness of your ease.

Shake it Up

Most people are accustomed to the usual, obligatory interactions where both conversationalists says a little as possible, speak generically and go their separate ways. Whereas most men are likely to respond with something like, “fine, how’s the family?” or “uhuh, just working,” it’s the memorable man who mentions something interesting instead of opting for the easy way out. For example, take a legitimate interest in the person you’re talking to, look them in the eyes. Pyschologist and relationship expert, Dr. Michelle Roth says: “There’s so many signals you can give out with your eyes, so you have to be aware of what you’re putting out. Of course, ‘interest,’ [and] showing that you’re really focused on the person, that you want to listen to them, even if you may not – look directly at them and nod your head. The eyes do tell it all.” By making eye contact alone, you are setting yourself apart from most everyone else, who averts their glance, fidgets and uncomfortably smiles.

Breaking Patterns

Going with the idea of surpassing the expectations of major social encounters, is the necessity not to fall into old patterns. This means, that on a date or during a business meeting, by acting predictably and plainly, as any other obedient employee or nervous new guy might, creates the opposite affect of memorability. Of course this does not suggest you should start a riot, jump on your employer’s desk or ask a woman inappropriate questions concerning forbidden territory. There is, however, a way to remain exciting without violating boundaries. This has to do, once more, with honesty. If you are stifling your honesty, you are smothering your impulses – and your impulses are what make you unlike anyone else.
Engage your conversationalist, whether your superior, equal or otherwise. Respond organically (within reason) to what you say. Show a legitimate interest in your subject that surpasses obligation. For example, in dinner party scenarios, full of people vying for attention, simply strike up a conversation you think might interest everyone. Instead of speaking about mutual work concerns, economic affairs, and family news – subjects anyone might suggest – try to bring originality to the dinner discussion. This is as simple as speaking your mind, whether it means addressing Barack Obama or Lady Gaga.This willingness to contribute in your own way makes you genuine and a genuine man is always memorable.

Founding an Image

Coming into contact with a specific set of people for a series of short moments, such as colleagues, clients or romantic interests, is the prime opportunity to display your memoability. For times like this, when you are unable to spend a significant amount of time with yur subject, everything is important – even, or rather especially, what you wear. Being memorable dresser does not mean green bow ties and crazily patterned dress shirts, it means finding a finesse to your fashion sensibility that is all your own.

For exmaple, something as simple as wearing suspenders beneath your vests, or sporting a particular pocket handkerchief or always wearing similarly styled shoes will work wonders. Whereas, regarding your personality, your memorability depends on breaking apart patterns, your fashion memorability depends on creating them. By giving yourself a recurring visual assistance, whether shoes, ties or hairstyle, you are aiding the memories of those who interest you most in their ability to think of you uniquely.

Have Fun

Whether or not you are funny persay, having fun is pertinent to your social successes. People are on a constant search to feel good, to rejoice, to enjoy. Thus, if you are the man they associate in their minds with such exciting emotions, you are not only memorable, but magnetic. To accomplish this, you must set a goal to constantly connect with those around you, with the intention of bringing them lightness and joy. This can be as simple as smiling and generally inviting a sense of welcome and cheer, and as extensive as telling a hilarious story. Whatever your social strengths seem to be, whether the goofy, mysterious or laid back sort, so long as you are enjoying yourself, constantly engaging and inviting reaction, those that encounter you will forever recognize and appreciate your good energy.