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Buying lingerie for your girlfriend can make you feel a bit creepy. You’ll likely be overwhelmed by the options and intimidated by the saleswomen who try to help you—even around peak lingerie buying times like Valentine’s Day. Arming yourself with knowledge and knowing what you’re looking for in lingerie will help you feel less creepy and able to buy the perfect gift for your girlfriend.

Take a deep breath. Before you start out on this venture, you’re likely going to feel some anxiety. You need to let that go. Take a breath and remind yourself that you’re buying lingerie for your girlfriend, and there’s nothing creepy about that! You know it, and so do the saleswomen and women shopping in the store.

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Get the size right. Check out your girlfriend’s underwear drawer to get a correct bra and panty size. A dress size can also be helpful. Don’t forget to take a peek at the lingerie she already owns to remind yourself of her style.

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Embrace the saleswomen at the store. You might think you’ll feel less creepy going it alone, but at the first glance you get from a female shopper, you’re likely to go running out the door. Instead, ask a saleswoman for help. In lingerie stores, it’s likely that you’ll be approached right away by a helpful, friendly smile. If female shoppers see that you’re working with a saleswoman to find your girlfriend the perfect gift, you’ll appear sensitive and thoughtful, not creepy.

Tell the saleswomen what you’re looking for right away. Taking your time and avoiding the subject will only make you feel more creepy. Confidently say that you want to buy lingerie for your girlfriend and share the sizes and style you found during your investigation. Also, share your girlfriend’s body type. She might be tall and thin, short and round, busty and curvy, or any combination of these. If the saleswoman knows her body type, she’ll be able to better help you.

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Keep your girlfriend’s personality in mind. Telling the saleswomen something about your girlfriend’s personality will also help you feel less creepy. This is not only further proof that your girlfriend exists and you’re not just some weirdo shopping for lingerie, but it also helps narrow down your choices and gets you out of the store faster. For example, if your girlfriend is more of the princess type, focus on frilly, pink, lacy lingerie. A tomboy, however, will appreciate comfortable lingerie like cotton rather than sheer fabrics.