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To choose the best music for sex, you need to fit the songs you decide on with how you want the encounter with the woman to go. The piano music that you had stored away for a romantic anniversary might not be the best call for a steamy one-night stand, just like a hip hop song with a lot of bass might not end Valentine’s Day like you would prefer. Most importantly, you want to find the perfect combination between what comforts that woman you are with and what emotionally stimulates her.


Stay consistent with the image you’ve already created for yourself. For example, if she sees you as the guy who is into indie rock, an over-the-top R&B ballad is going to make it seem like you are trying way too hard. Find songs that enhance your image and make it seem like you know what you’re doing.


Select songs that won’t distract her from the moment. Factor in her taste in music and her experiences with those songs. For example, the most romantic song you can think of won’t work if it’s a song that makes her sad. Don’t be a snob, either, ignoring songs that you don’t like, even if you know they will set the perfect mood for her.


Avoid songs that everyone already associates with sex. You don’t want your night to become a parody of a scene from a movie or a TV show. And that’s just what will happen when a Marvin Gaye or Barry White songs comes through the speakers. Sure, you might be able to pull it off. But you also might end up as the butt of her jokes the next day when she is telling her friend about her time with you.


Include more songs on your playlist than you think you’ll need. A customized radio station, such as Pandora, can make sure that the songs keep coming, but that’s also a risk, since you can’t predict which song is next. However, just make sure that the music doesn’t cut out during the middle of the sex. And more importantly, make sure that your playlist doesn’t end and skip over to a podcast about baseball.