Nobody hit the cooking scene quite like Bobby Flay, and now it’s time for you to take your shot at being able to cook a meal like him. Bobby Flay’s techniques stem from a brash and confident personality as well as intense detail and years of training. However, Bobby Flay is not your average snobby chef that is only concerned with appearance. His food, on the other hand, is very America, incorporating simple grilling techniques that anyone can try out without stepping out of their own backyard.


Understand the advantages and limitations of your grill. Bobby Flay uses both charcoal and gas grills and doesn’t mind either one, as long as you’re not pouring lighter fluid onto the charcoal. Gas grills are a great way to go for beginning cooks, but a charcoal grill will give you more flavor options as you begin to become comfortable with different strategies.


Start with a basic recipe from one of Bobby Flay’s books. You don’t have to make an entire Bobby Flay meal when you can more easily try out one of his marinades or rubs and then proceed from there when you are satisfied. And if you find a flavor that you can’t get enough of, don’t feel like you have to utilize it with just one type of food.

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Don’t feel like you always have to be doing something just because you’re standing in front of the grill. You won’t impress anybody with grill lines going in ten different directions. Just place your steak on the grill, time it, and flip it. You’ll also cut down on cleaning time by keeping everything in its place until it is finished. When you finally cook a steak just the way you like it, get to know how it feels with your finger so that you won’t have to cut into it before it’s done ever again.

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Judge the ingredients you use before you judge how your skills are coming along. Low quality ground beef is going to limit your hamburgers before you even have a shot at making them awesome. Don’t limit your quality purchases to just the meat-the grill is going to sap every bit of flavor out of vegetable that are already dry and out of season.

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Set the bar high for yourself by knowing what quality really means in the kitchen. Visit one of Bobby Flay’s many restaurants across the country to use as a building block for your own progress. Even though you might not be lucky enough to catch him behind the grill, you’ll be able to taste the work of the people he has hired and taught. If you’re not sure how a recipe was prepared, ask your server. You might even have a chance to ask the chef yourself.