There’s more than one way to check out that girl you’ve got your eye on without her noticing. Now, for you dirty old men, and young knuckleheads that just don’t care about being caught checking out a chick, this ain’t for you. For those guys that have wondering eyes and don’t want, say, your lady friend to catch you checking out other women, you’ve come to the right place. The art in covertly checking out a woman isn’t so much in the technique, but more so in the fluidity of pulling of said technique without even breaking stride. Or breaking conversation. Or, for that matter, interrupting anything you’re doing at the time. These four techniques will give you the know how to check out women in various scenarios throughout the day without being caught.

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The walk pass. If you’re wearing dark shaded sunglasses, this move will be easy. But, just because you don’t have sunglasses, doesn’t mean you can’t pull it off. When you see a fine woman approaching, don’t do what every other guy does and actively twist your neck to look. Just use your eyes. Take her all in as she approaches, then blink while simultaneously shifting your eyes to see her as she passes. Now, count to three in your head. This will give her enough time to pass. Then you can turn and check out her backside. Score!

Misdirection. If you’re out with a woman and you see another chick that you just need to eye hawk, you need to exercise extreme caution. Too long of a gander, and you’ll be slapped by your significant other. Avoid a messy confrontation by simply trying this. When you see the hottie approaching, get a quick look then pull your lady in close and show her some affection. This will give you a few more seconds to check out the hot girl coming your way. It is imperative that you don’t let your lady see what you’re doing, even if it means applying a Bear Hug to keep her in place. This can work walking, sitting at a restaurant, take your pick. All that matters is that you be creative with your display of affection in order to keep your lady from eye hawking you, while you eye hawk another.

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The intentional stare. This move is quite the bold one, and if you don’t follow through correctly, you’ll be slapped. Look directly at your target. Take her all in. If she notices you looking, just continue to stare. Don’t blink, don’t readjust your eyes, just look. Some of you are asking, “well, how is this covert”? Simple. If you’re gaze doesn’t budge for her, one of two things will happen. She’ll either think you’re looking at something else and keep going, or she’ll stop and say something. Now, if she stops to say something, just act as if you were looking at something off in the distance and she walked into your field of vision.” Sorry about that I was just noticing that very boring building over there, then you got in the way”. The cooler cats can actually spark up a nice conversation if they play their cards right here.

Reading... This technique is an old yet effective one for scouting out hotties. It’s been passed from dirty old men from generation to generation.  All you need is a newspaper, magazine, or a book of some sort. It really doesn’t matter. Go to a place populated with a lot of hot girls, like a beach or mall. You can watch all of the eye candy you want. They won’t be paying attention to you, because you’ll appear to be reading. All the while, you’ll be checking out each and every cutie you see. Just makes sure to turn the pages every now and then. If you wanted, you could act like you’re involved in a game with your smartphone. The trick is to be creative so you can eye hustle any butt you please.