One of the best ways to economize in the kitchen if you are a beef lover is to cut your own steaks. Going to the butcher can be a very expensive proposition because individual steaks can cost $20 or more depending on the size and the quality of the meat. However, if you buy your own tenderloin that is untrimmed, you can cut your own filet mignon steaks that are high in quality at a much friendlier price. This tenderloin will likely cost you about $70 at a discount star like Costco or Sam’s Club


Trim the upper layer of fat off the meat. You will want to strip this fat off with an extremely sharp knife but you don’t want to cut off any of the meat. You may notice a very shiny layer once you get the fat off. This is called the silver skin because it appears silver in color. Carefully strip this off as well because you don’t want to cook or eat this fatty substance.


Notice the two ends of the tenderloin. You will have one thick end (about 3-inches thick) and a thinner end (about 1 to 1  1/2- inches thick). Go to the thicker end and cut off about 1-inch with a nice straight cut. Then take your butcher’s twine and  tie up the tenderloin securely about every two inches on the tenderloin.


Now make a straight cut across the width of the tenderloin about 1-inch away from the first piece of twine. Slice with the blade of the knife coming towards your body. Do not “saw” the knife back and forth. This will make for uneven cuts and your steak will lose some of its appeal.


Continue to use your slicing motion to cut your steaks. This should net you about 10 or 11 steaks from the tenderloin you purchased at the discount stories. If you paid $70 for the tenderloin and you have 10 filet mignon servings, you are saving about $13 per steak by cutting them yourself.

-Steve Silverman