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While it might seem too good to be true, dating a chef can give you a hot woman and a hot meal at the same time. But eating for free isn’t a perk that every female chef’s boyfriend is entitled to. You need to play your cards right, without overstepping your bounds and without turning yourself into a nuisance. Play it subtle, and don’t give any indication that her job means any more to you than any other job would. If all goes right, you’ll be sitting down to a free meal in no time.

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Only expect free food after being offered free food. Don’t bring up the request yourself. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t ask to sample certain dishes at a less busy hour of her shift. If you show real excitement about her cooking, she’ll be more likely to make you a part of the process.


Treat the chef’s staff with courtesy and respect. The staff might already be annoyed if they are aware that you’re eating for free, so don’t make them work for free. For example, even if your bill is covered, tip your server as much or more than you would have if you were paying the bill. And make sure to be friendly, even if you are unpleased with the service.

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Learn which times and days she is the busiest at work and make sure that you find something to keep you busy away from the restaurant. Dating a chef is not like dating most professionals, because they start moving when others are getting comfortable on their couches at home. If a customer isn’t being seated because you are eating for free in one of the seats, you’ve picked the wrong time to show up.


Politely refuse any free food if you have any inclination that it’s going to get her in trouble. Relationships can make people a little dumb sometimes, and if your free food gets her in trouble with her boss, that trouble is going to find its way back to you. Also, if you do take the free food, don’t go blabbing about it to everyone in your vicinity.

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Compliment everything, and keep the compliments specific. Chefs have enough critics, without having to worry about their boyfriend’s opinion on everything. There’s always something you can compliment, even if it’s a stretch. And don’t forget about your body language, which can give you away and ruin future free food.