Dating an employee is a serious risk. It’s a direct conflict of interest to your current job situation. Great care is needed in ensuring that you can handle both your job responsibilities, as well as the intimate connection you’ve created with your subordinate. In order for this tight rope act to go smoothly, you’re really going to have to cover all of your bases. Your plan, and follow through needs to be airtight. One small leak, and you’ll be jobless. You may be able to keep dating her, but most likely that won’t happen. This is how to date an employee and not end up jobless and alone.

Mutual understanding. First things first. Both you and your subordinate love interest need to be on the same page. Same paragraph. Same sentence. Same word. In no way shape form or fashion can anybody within the walls of your place of employment know about your dating arrangement. You see, dating a subordinate is a clear conflict of interest and most companies have rules against it simply to prevent favoritism in the work place. This is why it is of the utmost importance nobody else knows about this relationship. So tell her to tighten her lips and you button yours.

secret work relationship

Playing the part. Remember, no excessive flirting in front of other employees. Don’t treat your love interest any different than the rest of your workers. Don’t even hint at having an interest in her. Jealousy breeds rumors. So don’t give it a chance to reproduce. Make sure your lady friend treats you the same. Strictly professional. No personal information what-so-ever can be leaked to the rest of your professional community. Seriously. They shouldn’t even know you have her personal number.

Behind closed doors. Here’s where the excitement, and true enjoyment of an office fling can take place. One-on-one meetings where nothing professional is discussed ( if there’s a discussion at all). In order to keep a covert dating scenario going, you must always be extremely careful. If you sneak out for some quick parking lot sex, make sure you both have work related alibis. It’s just a matter of completely playing the part of “boss” to appease everyone else, and “secret lover” to appease her.

dating outside of work

Outside of work. Just because you’re off company property, and off the clock, doesn’t mean you can just run the streets with your employee. You still have to exercise caution. Getting caught by a another coworker could ruin your dating plans pretty quickly. Be very careful in where you choose to go. And always, always, always, have an exit strategy or a good story to give someone, just in case you get caught out with your employee. It’ll be the difference between you keeping that job, or visiting a new temp agency in the near future.

If things get serious. If hiding your relationship is getting harder and harder, you have one of two options. Your first route is to help her find another job. Simple as that. Then you can do what you want. Your second route is to give her a promotion within the company, or to help her get promoted in a different department. As long as you guys carry the same status within your company, you should be able to date. Check the company guidelines to be sure. Either way, you won’t have to hide your relationship any longer.