Girlfriend's Ex Boyfriend

Unless you’re with a girl that has just crawled out from under a rock and has never dated before in her life, chances are you’ll eventually have to deal with your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. It might be on the most superficial level, such as running into him at a bar. Or it could be on a more annoying level, such as him coming around to visit. Regardless of the exact nature of the situation, a few tactics for dealing with your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend will keep you looking like a prince.

Stay confident. Remind yourself that he is her ex-boyfriend for a reason, while you are her current beau for a dozen other reasons. For starters, your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend probably has lots of horrible flaws and does all kinds of things you never would do–like farting in public or leaving the toilet seat up. Throw extra charm your girlfriend’s way when you have to deal with the dude, which will show what an upstanding, confident guy you are. and that you’re not worried about her loser ex-boyfriend.

Stay cool. Even if your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend starts to throw jabs your way, keeping your cool further illustrates how upstanding you are. He might try to bait you with intimate details about the girl or straight-out putdowns. But dealing with him by taking it in stride shows you’re not a hot-headed jerk.

Don’t punch him. If your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend gets obnoxious enough to merit a punch in the face–don’t do it. Yes, it will feel good. Yes, he probably deserves it. But punching him out only serves to lower you to his level, which is that of a dude who farts in public and leaves the toilet seat up. If you must defend your own or your girlfriend’s honor, throw a sweet verbal punch instead of the physical kind. Try something simple like, “you truly seem to have no qualms about illustrating why you’re her ex-boyfriend.”

Be cordial. You can really throw off your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend by actually being nice to him. Dealing with this guy as if he’s just another clown at the bar–rather than the enemy–shows you harbor neither jealousy nor animosity towards the guy. It also shows your girlfriend you are mature and kindhearted, which is what most women are looking for in a relationship.