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Women love dancing, and they love to be dipped. But knowing how to dip a girl and not drop her on her head can be a daunting task for some men. If you’re not light on your feet, dropping your girl right on her head when you try to dip her might be a legitimate fear. However, with the right dance moves and appropriate precautions, you’ll leave your dancing partner wanting more, rather than with a massive headache.


Skip the drinks. When you’re first attempting to dip a girl and not drop her on her head, you should not be under the influence of alcohol or anything else. You need to have a clear head and be ready for what might go wrong. If your dancing partner does start to fall, you need to have the fast reflexes to catch her before her head hits the ground. You cannot do this if you’ve had a few too many.


Take a class with your dancing partner. When you’re first learning to dip, it will be helpful to have the instruction of a professional dance teacher. A teacher can help you understand exactly how to position your hands on your partner. This can vary depending on her height and weight relative to yours. The teacher can also watch for signs that you’re about to drop your girl on her head. No girl wants to be dropped, but doing it in a classroom setting is better than doing it in front of a bunch of people at a club!

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Share your concerns. Talk to your dancing partner and the instructor about your concerns. If everyone knows that you’re afraid of dropping your girl on her head, then everyone involved can be more careful. Everyone can be on high alert when the moment comes, so that all parties are working together to pull off the move successfully. Remember, preparation is key!


Start slow. Don’t attempt to dip your girl during a fast dance or in the middle of a number. Start out dipping her slowly just as you’re standing together. Wrap your arm around her mid-back and make sure she’s well supported. Once you have the move down while dancing slowly, you can speed up the pace without dropping her on her head.

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Support your girl’s weight. Supporting the weight of your dancing partner is the most important part of not dropping her on her head when you dip. As stated before, wrap your arm around her. Use both arms if you feel more comfortable. Ask her not to shift her weight back too much at first. Concentrate and keep your arms steady. Dip her for only a second or two at first. Make sure you can handle her weight before you try to extend the length of the dip. Dancing is a great way to get in shape, but you may want to do some weight training if you’re not that strong. Just be sure you never say to your girl “well, you’re too heavy!”