We’re now in the latter half of 2013 and you still haven’t committed to your workout resolution from New Years Eve. Maybe you’ve been working too many hours at the office, or maybe you’re just lazy.

Whatever the case may be, you don’t have to pay a huge amount of money for a gym membership just to get a decent workout; you can do it right from your home. You may need to purchase a bit of equipment, but the cost will be significantly lower than if you were to join a gym. Here are a few bootcamp style workouts you can do from home.


These are done as a warm-up and designed to prepare your legs from what’s to come. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and lower your body as far down as you can. Hold the position for 2-4 seconds then push yourself back up to the starting position.


I’m not talking about the girly push-ups you do when you pretend to work out, Nancy; I’m talking about real push-ups! Get on all fours and have your legs apart but in line with your shoulders. Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Hold the position when you’re down then quickly go back to the starting position and do it again. If your hips sag or if your legs quake and give out, you’re a wimp and should start over.

Jumping Jacks

This is the home stretch for the warm-up, so get moving. Stand with your feet together and with your hands at your side. Jump and spread your feet out while simultaneously raising your hands, then go back to the starting position. Do this a million times, then do it a million more.

Alternating Lunges

Now we’re talking! Grab some dumbbells. I recommend something light, like 10-lb. dumbbells, but you can go up to 20 or 25 if you want. Put your feet together and keep your hands at your side. Step forward with your right leg and lower your body until your right knee is bent 90 degrees. Go as low as possible, hold that position, then bring your back foot forward and do the same thing. Repeat until the next Avengers movie comes out.

Squat Thrusts

This will get your blood pumping. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your arms at your side. Lower your body into a squatting position, then kick your legs back and land in the push-up position. Go back to the squat position. Go to the push-up position. Do this over and over until you hate your life and the thought of pizza makes you sick.


Since you’re such a wuss, I’m going to give you a break. I’m not talking about the plank you did at the mall fountain so you could have your picture taken and get a few likes on Facebook. Get down into the push-up position, but lower your elbows to the floor and rest your weight on them. Tighten your stomach up and hold this position. Your body should be in a straight line. Try and hold this position for a minute. If you’re feeling particularly feminine today, do it in 30-second bursts.


Here comes the fun stuff. You’re going to be doing a variety of plyometric workouts. Do a set of power skips, rest for ten seconds, then do a set of tuck jumps. Tuck jumps are when you jump, bring your knees level with your chest, then land on your feet. You’re going to do some long jumps, followed by some alternating leg bounces. Follow this up with squat jumps, then collapse in a puddle of sweat. After you pick yourself up, do another round of these, then another. You should spend about 60 seconds on each activity, then rest for 30 seconds.

All complete? Good. Take a breather. You’ll need to do this again tomorrow. After that, follow it up with some strength training. Never take a day off. Never give up.

These are just a handful of bootcamp style workouts that you can do at home. The key to doing these workouts is to push yourself as hard as you can as long as you’re doing the exercises, then rest for no more than 30 seconds. Pushing yourself to the max is the ultimate goal. Since you’re not in an actual bootcamp, you’re going to have to rely on self-discipline to keep you going. Now stop messing around on your computer, wussy! You have a workout to do.


Author Bio:

Jonathan Wray is a writer and editor. In his spare time, he enjoys doing no-handed push-ups and upside down crunches from a pole that extends between two buildings high above the city.