By Charley Prescott

When it comes to dressing for holiday work parties, make sure your ensemble is both professional and stylish. Holiday parties are not the time to make bold fashion statements. If you want to make a good impression, check out our advice on how to dress properly for an office Christmas part

Wool suit in a dark color

A man cannot go wrong with a classic lightweight wool suit in a dark hue of navy, grey or black. A subtle pinstripe also is acceptable. Avoid unnecessarily trendy attire that may give your boss or co-workers the wrong impression – that the party is all about you. The main point to remember relative to holiday fashion is that timeless style is always on point.

Dress shirt

In the realm of dressy apparel, few things look better on a man than a crisp cotton shirt with the appropriate tailoring. Solid or striped — in white, pale blue or pink — a tailored dress shirt is a must-have for any professional man’s wardrobe. Consider versions of the staple item like this BOSS Black Max Trim Fit Dress Shirt.


A tie provides an accent to an understated suit, allowing a guy to show off his personality. It also represents the statement piece that can make or break a suit. This accent item is the wrong area to go overboard.  Leave the colorful Santa Claus ties and vests at the local clothing store, or hidden in the darkest corner of your closet. Pop some color into your outfit via a smart woven silk tie. What styles are modern and classic? We love the latest patterned stripe and solid renderings, or anything else that adds a touch of personality.

Dress shoes

Go with leather lace-ups or loafers. The only requirement in terms of the construction is that the shoes offer a streamlined design. Nothing beats a pair of well-made leather shoes; they provide comfort and will last. When it comes to your next holiday outfit, sleek fashionable footwear is essential to a flawless finish.

(Charley Prescott is a freelance writer who specializes in fashion and grooming.)