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It’s amazing what social networking sites have done for the dating scene. In today’s world, you can virtually meet anyone, get to know them, and browse for romantic opportunities without leaving the comfort of your home. But that’s not all. Social networking sites have made it simple, convenient and safe for you to get away with stalking the objects of your affection too! Though you’d be best advised not to brag about it, you can totally Facebook stalk someone without being a complete creeper.

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Refrain from over-commenting. If you’re stalking a chick, chances are you really like her and are fascinated and captivated by every photo, video, comment or status update she posts to her Facebook profile or wall. Women love attention, but if her wall looks like a strip of photo-booth pictures of your profile pic, it’s going to raise a red flag. Remember, stalking is a quiet activity so keep comments to a minimum to avoid looking like a complete creeper. The most successful cyber-stalkers leave no comments at all. Read everything, comment on nothing.

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Limit your “Likes.” Many first-time Facebook stalkers wrongfully think that “Liking” everything is a covert way to get attention without looking like a complete creeper. This is untrue and can quickly backfire. At a glance, a dozen or so “Likes” blend harmoniously with the “Likes” of her other Facebook friends. However, each and every click shows up in her notifications. It’s not good when she sees 100 notifications and 80 of them are your “Likes.” Tempting as it may be to give her the digital “thumbs-up,” resist the urge to click the “Like” button every time your victim–er, subject–posts something new.

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Lurk in complete silence. It’s hard, we know. But if you want to gather maximum info on your girl, don’t post, don’t “Like” and don’t respond to her Mafia Wars, Farmville or other Facebook game requests. So what do you do? Nothing; just read. Read her status updates, check-ins, notes and the threads on her wall. Just don’t comment, like or share anything. Silent Facebook stalking is the closest thing to being the fly on her wall of life and the best way to stay under the radar. If you don’t leave a trace of evidence, she won’t know you’re stalking her and you won’t look like a complete creeper. You won’t look like anything if you just look. Comments and “Likes” prove your existence and can lead to her blocking you. If that happens, you’ll have to revert back to traditional stalking methods and will soon find yourself sitting in her bushes with a pair of binoculars. Women and law enforcement agencies frown on such “admiration.”

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Stalk her outside of her Facebook page. It’s okay to leave her page. Effective and informative Facebook stalking covers every page she’s visited, not just her own. See what her friends have to say about her, what she does and where she goes. Don’t be afraid to click on those informative little links that lead to her friends’ pages. You know, the ones that say, “Sarah commented on Joe Blow’s photo.” A lot of times you can find out far more about a girl than she is willing to post by seeing what others are posting about her. Whenever possible, stalk her friends too!

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Create a dummy account. A dummy Facebook account is an essential component in cyber-stalking when you’ve already been busted. If you’ve been Facebook stalking a chick, got found-out and and deleted, the fun doesn’t have to end there. Set up a new Facebook account under an assumed name. Use a fake name, other people’s photos and create an entire bio that in no way resembles your true identity. Make sure it appeals to her interests, create the man of her dreams and send her a friend a request. If she takes the bait, stalk away!