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Don’t get confused, flirting with girls on Facebook is creepy no matter what. But it’s up to you to lessen said creepiness when web-stalking girls you like. The good news is women feel much more secure over the internet. You initially won’t seem as creepy as, say, getting caught hiding in her bushes with a set of high powered army issued binoculars, but if you keep popping up sending her virtual roses, Facebook invites, and weird messages to her inbox, your, um, lady friend will definitely begin to feel creeped out. Read this loose set of guidelines before you decide to flirt with girls on Facebook, for preventative measures.

Don’t be overbearing. Your first step is to realize that Facebook isn’t the real world. If you’re chatting with a chick on Facebook, don’t get all upset when she doesn’t respond to your questions right away. She could be using dial-up. She could be having multiple conversations. Or hey, she could actually have other windows open to use the web for something more than looking at porn and chatting people up. Whatever the reason, don’t send her a string of messages. Give her time to answer the first 37 messages before sending her anymore.

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Why so serious? Don’t fill the chick’s inbox with weighty messages of love and destiny. You wouldn’t flirt like this in a face to face encounter (or maybe you would, meaning you need more help than just flirting assistance), so don’t do it on Facebook. Be funny. Make her laugh. This is how you keep her coming back. Or, you’ll begin to see her online less and less. And it’s not that she’s online less, it’s just that she blocks you from her “chat” options more and more. Do yourself a favor and save that serious stuff for if and when you ever meet.

Space it out. You don’t want to be messaging her every single day, five times a day dude. She’s going to start to think you have no life. You don’t want her knowing the truth so soon. Your best bet is to have one good conversation with her every two or three days. Give her time to miss you. This is so important for a number of reasons. First off, if you can somehow generate a connection with her online, you better your chances of her wanting to meet you in person. When you do it periodically, she’ll miss you when you DON’T show up. You’ll have her looking for you. Secondly, if you’re in her face, err computer screen, all the time, you’ll inadvertently slide into platonic friend status just because you’re making yourself available all the time. So chill out and give her time.

Creativity. What do you think the emoticons and symbols are for? No they’re not for little kids. Zuckerberg and his team designed them for one purpose… Facebook flirting. Use them. They can convey messages without you having to spend an hour typing out a message. A smiley face can say a thousand and one words. Now a smiley face with a wink, is saying a million and one flirty words. Think about it.