If you’re going to step up your game, you’ll need to know how to flirt with a group of women like a boss. If you think flirting is tough enough, it gets harder when you’re talking to multiple women that won’t let each other fall into your traps. If you fail, it can go horribly wrong. The walk of shame will be one that you won’t forget anytime soon. However, if you play your cards right, you can increase your options and use the group to your advantage. But only a real boss can pull it off.


Compliment the entire group without casting someone out. If one of four friends is fat, the others will be more likely to feel bad for their friend than absorb your compliment if you comment on them all looking fit. Say something that separates the group you’re with from others groups. For example, if they’re all in the same book club, you can compliment their conversation skills as opposed to the other women around.


Embrace the center of attention. When you’re flirting with one woman at a time, questions are a good thing because people like to talk about themselves. However, in a group setting, a topic that they’re familiar with that you’re not can put you on the outside looking in. Embrace the spotlight and incorporate humor with your flirting.


Keep the group together for as long as it serves your purpose. To avoid having another guy infiltrate the group, suggest an activity to keep the group together, such as darts or pool. This will not only keep the competition away, but it will allow you to get a little one-on-one time with each woman while the others are busy competing. Choose an activity you are good at, since heightened confidence will enhance your flirting ability. Complimenting their skills with the activity is also a harmless opportunity for flirting.


Plan an exit strategy while still flirting with the group. The other women won’t always want to see one of their friends go, so don’t expect to separate easily. If you are out with other guy friends, give them a look to come over and briefly distract the group. It only takes one quick moment for you to get the time to ask the woman you like most to dance or to have a seat at the bar with you.