“Entourage” is defined as, “a group of associates or attendants, as of a person of rank or importance.” So, if you think having an entourage would be nice, you must surround yourself with people that believe you are important and, thus, ultimately look up to you. This is actually a rather natural occurrence; people want to be associated with winners. Consider your friend at the record company who is always name dropping. He feels, as many do, that by association, he is cool because he hung with the hot artist of the month. Take advantage of man’s lust to live vicariously through his idols, and learn how to construct an entourage of your own.

Command a presence

No one is going to follow the meek gentleman in the corner. Rather, you must be the guy that others look to for drink suggestions when you enter your favorite watering hole. You cannot be afraid to approach the blonde at the bar, or conversely, ignore her attempts to catch your eye because tonight it’s just you and the fellas. Know how to tell a story or give a great toast. Even if your weekend ski trip was not truly amazing, your engaging rhetoric will have others begging to hit the slopes with you. When the party is dead, rally the troops to another locale. These are the traits that keep you in the center of attention, without everyone feeling like you are anxiously fighting for the spotlight. If done right, you become a casual leader to whom others cannot help but listen.

Be the architect

Everyone knowing your name is not having an entourage, that’s just being popular. Your crew is a select group of friends, purposefully chosen. The exclusivity is part of the draw for members. The size of your group is up to you; just make sure you can manage it. A good leader delegates, so surround yourself guys that have skills that benefit you and the group. You may have comedian friend, always ready to entertain or lighten the mood with a cheap laugh. Then there’s the guy that works for 49ers, and can always score tickets. Your buddy the tech guru keeps you up to date on the latest gadgets and your banker pal offers financial insight. The group will want to share their expertise. Remember your first real job after school and how good it felt when your boss entrusted an important task completely to you? Together, the group makes for a powerful bunch, and you are the maestro that keeps the orchestra on time.

Create loyalty

Likely, members of your entourage will be longtime friends with which you have many memories. And then, newer acquaintances will share in more recent adventures. However, none of these people probably no everything about you. Confiding in them about things you would not tell anyone one else commands their trust. Whether it is a childhood story you never revealed or some private concern you have about your current fling, this openness can go a long way. Mysterious men can be respected, but it is difficult to be truly loyal to anyone you don’t really know. Also, this act makes the group even more exclusive, as they, your entourage, know things about you the outside world never could.

Reward hard work

All members of the entourage are not created equal. In fact, some may drop out to be replaced by others. However, you will have your lieutenants, those that have been with you the longest and earned their place. You probably won’t hand out medals in an elaborate ceremony, but these select individuals should know that they rank higher than the rest. This is the most powerful piece of the entourage. Yes, it is great to be a part of your trusted group of associates, but it is the nature of the members to want to be able to claim they are even closer to you. Giving them status amongst others stokes their ego and creates an even better soldier. You see the cycle we are following here?

This all may seem like a cold business, but it doesn’t have to be. After all, these are people you will be hanging around constantly, so you should like them and enjoy their company. There is nothing wrong, though, with taking control of your world. It is a kind of symbiotic relationship. You manage your social life to get the absolute most out of it, and your willing entourage is grateful. Now take the position at the top and get to work; these things don’t form themselves.