Get Into a Club Without Waiting in Line

Figuring out how to get into a club without waiting in line is a systematic approach. Ladies can pull this off quite easily. All they need is a cute smile and they’re in the door. Chances are, because you’re a guy, you’re going to have to enlist the assistance of one or two of your good looking female friends. It’s either that or be ready to pay some big bucks. That’s not all you’ll need however. Use the following guidelines to get into a club without waiting in line. If you follow through with the plan, you may set yourself up to get in without ever having to wait.

The weakest link. The first step in your attack is to find the guy to go after. The bouncer won’t work, simply because you’re there. If your female friends were alone, they could pull it off. But, because of you, you need a new person. Look lower on the totem poll. Your best bet is to go with a valet exclusively working with the club or a bottom feeder promoter that gets paid based on the number of people he brings through the door. The valet attendants are easy enough to spot. The promoter is going to be the guy with the serious look on his face, the one trying to keep count of how many people on his list show up.

The attack. This part isn’t really for you. Let one of your hot female friends take the lead on this one. Don’t talk. Don’t even make eye contact with the valet and/or promoter. Just stand there and look dumb. All she has to do, well, is be herself and look hot. Have her walk up to your target and simply ask him, in the cutest voice possible, “Is this the line for you club?” Once she sparks up a conversation, it’s just a matter of time. She’ll eventually ask “how can we get in without having to wait in this line?” The dumbstruck valet and or promoter may literally walk you right into the club.

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Be prepared. Now, you should be warned. Because you’re a guy, you may have to pay something.The ladies should be cool, but the bouncer and or door guy may be a jerk about you. No more than twenty bucks should be enough to remedy this. And you’ll be in the club without waiting in line. Also, you’re pretty much guaranteed to drink for free, being with hot girls and all. They’ll find random guys throughout the night to spend money on drinks. Just make sure you don’t hover around them and mess up their game. Do make sure to place your order with the ladies and let them work.

Woman Flirting at a Bar

Make friends. If you like this particular club and don’t ever want to waste time in line, or get in free for that matter, talk to one of the bartenders. Preferably a female one. You’ll have to tip her right, and not hit on her. Once she realizes you’re not tipping to get in her pants, get her to extend you an open invitation on days she works. She’ll do it because she knows you tip.

The higher ups. Another possible avenue you can take is to find the owner. Don’t bother with the bar manager, most of them are middle management cronies. The owner will be the guy off to one side watching everything, usually not too far from the bar. They never post up in the club too long. They just show up to make sure it’s going OK. Make it a point to order a drink near them and spark up a conversation. The key is not to let the owner know that you know he is. Talk up the club, and how much you enjoy it. Play to his ego. Tell them how you used to promote. If you’re smooth enough, you may just walk out with a job. Imagine getting paid to hang out at a bar! Then you’d never have to wait in line.