How to Get Laid in 1977 and Your Ass Kicked in 2007

It’s amazing what 30 years can do. It can take you from one cool cat who can pick up the ladies to a total douche who risks getting his ass kicked everytime he rounds a corner.

What it said in 1977: A man needs to relax and get comfortable with a color wrap or nightshirt before he makes love to his woman

What it says in 2007: Somebody has a gay karate class

What it said in 1977: Small tie= Big Mansicle
What it Says in 2007: I’m hoping to attract young boys that this tie may actually fit

What it said in 1977: I like wearing one piece clothing so I can slip out of them quickly
What it says in 2007: I have just escaped from prison and if you pick me up I will kill you

What it said in 1977: I can afford a nice belt and I’m going to hike my Toughskins up so you can see the damn thing
What it says in 2007: I am homeschooled and my Mom is still breastfeeding me

What it said in 1977: We will not be leaving the bedroom tonight so there’s no need to worry
about getting this pristine white jumper dirty. There’s only one stain you’ll have to worry about tonight
What it says in 2007: I work in the cafeteria at the mental institution

What it said in 1977: I’m the first one who rocking the new “jammer” bathing suit and that
will be my nickname after tonight

What it says in 2007: I’m from Europe and I’m taking advantage of the low dollar and showing my package to all you Americans

What it says in 1977: He looks like Scott Baio. Well close enough so I’ll sleep with him
What it says in 2007: Somebody’s about to quote the entire film “Broke Back Mountain”

What it said in 1977: Success, style, and a young go get ‘em attitude
What it says in 2007: Porn, NASCAR, and a Napolean Dynamite attitude

Ok these two are getting laid, even in this outfit, in any decade. These guys are rockin the lime

Pictures emailed to me but evidently came from this source. I WROTE THE NEW DESCRIPTION AND HAD NEVER SEEN THIS SITE. I don’t mean to steal from Johnny he did a great job as well. He deserves credit for the fantastic photos.

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