Millions of people want to get an iPhone but are unfortunately stuck in other plans and don’t know how to get out without paying a huge fee. Here are some ways that have been successful for others that may help you get out.

1. Look for ANYTHING that keeps your current providers’ service from being “up to par”. Record any disruption in service, dropped calls, or general problems. Then call them and tell them you want out. This will not be easy and may take some follow up calls and supervisors. Record all dates and info from each call. . Follow this up with complaints to the Better Business Bureau and FTC. Obviously only use this one if it is true.

2. Look for changes in “Terms of Service”. Cell providers often change their Terms of Service and try to hide them in your bill. Why do the hide them? Because usually you have 30 days to cancel your contract if they do. Increases in prices doesn’t work unless you can prove the price increase “materially” affects your monthly rate. Text rate increase have been the one people jump on but it hardly works.

3. If your phone sucks you could be in luck. Have problems with your phone 3 times and could be let out due to local “lemon” laws

4. Ask for a copy of your signed contract. Half of the time they don’t have it. Especially Sprint and Nextel. If they don’t have it the longest they can hold you to is a year. If you’re on your second year of a contract you can get out.

5. Call constantly to get out of a contract. Do not let them charge you for it. Keep bothering them as often as you can. Ask to talk to a manager. Do this enough times and they may let you out. It costs them each time you call as well (much less for the Indian customer service). Every once in a while they will let you go to save themselves money.

6. “Sublease” your contract to someone else via , or
These really are the easiest ways to do it. Make sure to sweeten the deal to prospective buyers with cases and extras to put yourself in front of other people trying to get out.

7. Find a map of locations where your provider doesn’t reach and say you’re moving there and won’t get service. Make sure to have plenty of info to back up your story. You need to have proof of address. If you can go and get a fake ID, a fake addy should be no problem.

8. An easy way but most people forget. Find the end of your contract and go month to month from there. The cancellation fee is supposed to be for the discounted phone they gave you and it’s their way of ensuring they get paid back for the phone through service. Once you’ve paid them back for the phone or bring in your own phone, you are free to go month to month as long as you’d like.

9. Just pay the $200. Half you readers are filthy rich and $200 is 5 minutes worth of work. Just pay the damn fee