From Cleopatra to Bonnie Parker to Rihanna, there’s just something irresistibly sexy about the girls you can’t take home to Mom. But for guys who aren’t, say, rolling with the Hell’s Angels, securing the company of such a lady can be tricky. In honor of the upcoming release of Bad Teacher, we tracked down a real-life bad girl to give us a few lessons. Amie Nicole, who is working on a master’s in psychology with an eye toward sex therapy, describes herself thusly: “This LA-based model can be found eating fire at the Playboy mansion, appearing in dark shows like Dexter and starring in videos for one of her favorite bands, Rammstein. She loves horror flicks, reading about serial killers and tending to her taxidermy collection.” Without further ado, here’s her courtship advice.

MADE MAN: What are the best places to find bad girls?
AMIE NICOLE: The most obvious places to find your bad girl would be the places they would hang out at night. If you want a true bad girl, the best places to frequent may be strip clubs and seedy dive bars. But every bad girl has got to eat, drink, and have fun, so find the edgy hot spots around your town. Another thing to remember is to be perceptive of the people around you. Look for the tattoo peeking past her hem, holes left from old daring piercings, black nail polish, and anyone wearing leopard print.

MM: To impress a bad girl, does a guy have to be bad himself?
AN: Don’t try too hard. If you’re interested in a fire-eating, tattooed hottie, chances are she has known a few bad boys in her time. Most bad boys are bad news and she has probably learned that lesson. Be genuinely interested in what she is about. If you don’t know about what she likes, she is more than likely will be happy to explain it to you. Use humor. All girls like to laugh. If you have the ability to get that vampy vixen to crack a smile, you are one step closer to landing her.

MM: If we’re not bad-ass at all, should we fake it?
AN: Never ever fake who you are in any circumstance. Chicks get hit on constantly and are not impressed by come-on lines, lies or exaggerations. Tell her that you may not know a lot about what she is into, but you’d like to learn. She just may be looking for a willing student.

MM: What’s the best way to approach a bad girl? Should we compliment her badness or ignore it and just order a couple of tequila shots?
AN: It is always nice to get a compliment. Whether someone is complimenting my jewelry or how I light my tongue on fire, it always makes me feel good inside. Tell that bad girl you like her tattoos, her skills, or her vintage hot rod. Use that as a conversation starter. And it is never a bad idea to pair that with a shot of Patron, or better yet for a bad girl, a shot of whiskey.

MM: Where should we take the bad girl on a first date? Do we need to knock off a liquor store together, or is there a simpler way her over?
AN: Look for places with interesting histories or the site of something weird. Any girl will remember a fun first date. In LA, we have movies that play in the cemetery, the museum of death, Houdini’s Mansion, and even bars that are themed like dungeons, speak easys, and funky tiki bars. Do your research and impress her with your creativity.

MM: What should we do and not do to steal a kiss and a second date?
AN: Let that bad girl know that you are genuinely interested. Feel out her comfort level before going in for the kill, er, first kiss. Not all bad girls want to hook up right away. I never ever kiss on a first date. Before you leave her for the evening, make sure to bring up options for future dates and set a plan. Bad girls may seem wild and crazy, but they need honestly and authenticity just like any other girl.

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