Get Through a Bad Date

So, you’ve found yourself on the wrong end of a bad date. Figuring out how to get through said bad date is as easy as you want it to be. There’s no pressure to put your best foot forward, the date’s bad, it’s not like you’re going to ask her out again. The best way to deal with a bad date is to make it fun, for you. Seriously, turning a bad date into a game makes it much more bearable. A little bit of creativity on your part, and you’ll have one hell of a story to tell to your buddies later on that night. Use these guidelines to cruise through your next bad date.

Get Through a Bad Date Cell Phone

Your cell phone. This thing can be a life saver if you’re on a bad date. Think about it. It’s full of games. If your date is really getting on your nerves, just pull out the phone and play one of the many downloaded games you have on your phone. Or better yet, set an alarm to go off every fifteen minutes or so. Even better still (women use this trick), text one of your friends and have them call you. Have them act like it’s an emergency. When they call, calmy talk them through their so called dilema. Then have them call you again periodically throughout the night.

Get Through a Bad Date Pretend to Listen

Pretend like you care what she’s talking about. If this chick is running her mouth about the most trivial stuff, why stop her? Let her keep going. As a matter of fact, prompt her to keep talking. Act like you really care about her waiting in line for six hours to get the brand new eyeshadow from her favorite department store. If you can manage to secretly turn on your phone voice recorder, you can play back the stupid conversation later, in front of your friends, and laugh about it even more.

Get Through a Bad Date Third Person

Talk about yourself in the third person. If your date is totally wrapped up in herself, do her one better. When she gives you the opportunity to speak, talk about yourself like you’re a totally different person. Use language that would suggest that you are royalty, or incredibly important. Speak in the third person. Say something like “(insert name here) never eats at such a crappy restaurant, but he did it because he realized you were a commoner.”  Watch her response and try not to laugh too hard.

Get Through a Bad Date Flirting

Flirt with random women on the street. Some people may think this is rude, but it’s all in good fun. Openly flirt with other women you see. If they ask you who the young lady is accompanying you, say something incredibly stupid like, “she’s my sister”, or  “my parole officer”. Remember, this is about salvaging some enjoyment for yourself.

Get Through a Bad Date Leave Early

Leave the date early. The easiest way to get through a bad date is simply to end it early. If you can’t manage to amuse yourself on this ill fated outing, just call it quits. Fake a sickness, or an emergency (stuff that women do all the time), and get the hell out of there. Then quickly erase the girl’s number and move on with your life.