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If you can master having sex in the kitchen without injury, your love life will never be boring again. You and your girl can experience a heightened sense of pleasure as you experience this sensual area of your home in a whole new way. In fact, sex in a kitchen can even increase arousal levels for both partners and help your girl achieve orgasm quicker and more intensely.


Turn off all small appliances. This is especially important if you start fooling around in the kitchen while preparing food. Appliances like toasters can cause burns, and blenders, food processors and juicers can cause various other types of injuries. In the interest of spontaneity, you may not want to clear off the countertop in advance, so just do yourself a favor and get into the habit of not leaving things plugged in when not in use. Stay on the safe side. Turn off and unplug all small appliances before your start the fun.


Clear away all sharp items, especially knives. Knives can pose one of the biggest threats when having sex in a kitchen. But things like forks, spatulas and scissors can also cause some pretty serious injuries. Keep you and your partner safe by making sure the area where you plan to have sex is free and clear of all sharp objects. If you have a butcher’s block for your knives, make sure it’s far from the edge of the counter.



Let the oven cool down. If you plan to have sex anywhere near the oven, such as on an adjacent counter, let it cool off before you hop on. Even residual hear from an oven, especially an older model, can cause a nasty burn. If the mood strikes you both while you’re in the middle of cooking, either move to another part of the kitchen, or get into a little foreplay. And watch out if you have an electric stove; those things can take a while to cool off. If you’re not willing to wait, take your girl far away from the oven before things start getting steamy.

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Watch out for spills. Greasy spills on the floor, for example, can cause a serious fall in the heat of the moment. Wipe all spills before you start chasing your girl around with nothing but a towel to whip at her behind. If you don’t want to clean the spill, get down on the ground and roll in it. At least that way you won’t have to worry about an injury from falling.


Stick to the kitchen table. To ensure you can have sex in the kitchen without injury, rely on good old fashioned kitchen table sex. Once the table is cleared off, there aren’t very many ways that you can injure yourself on it. However, you should always test it out a little first to ensure it can handle the weight of you and your girl, as well as the strain of the activities you’re planning.