Granted, this is kind of a strange situation, but it’s worth watching to see Dave Ramsey teach the art of dodging the debt collector (1:46 in the video, fullscreen is probably your best bet).

Apparently some dumb 18-year-old college girl signed up for a ‘family cell phone plan’ with a couple of her dumb friends from school. They used their phones for a few months, racked up a $1,300 bill, and decided not to pay it. The debt collectors are calling and Dad is pissed. Help us Dave Ramsey!

Wow, I feel like it’s possible that Dave’s icy demeanor and incredible pretentiousness could turn a man to stone. As we’ve shown before, Dave doesn’t hold any punches especially when it comes to college girls.

But seriously, what kind of dumb scam was that girl trying to pull? A family plan with your friends? Just signing up for phones and not paying for them?

One thing I learned from this whole ordeal is that as much as I cringe listening to Dave Ramsey passive aggressively bitch out his callers, I think he kicks ass at setting people straight. Rock on, Sir.

Fox Business: Life’s Lessons, June 26, 2008