Impressing your girlfriend’s friends is very important to the maintenance and growth of your relationship. Her friends, at least the close ones, are her advisors. They’ll be the ones she goes to for advice about anything, including you. So, it’s imperative that you get these folks on your side. Believe it or not, it may not be as difficult as you think. Being yourself, and following these five tips will totally get her friends to cosign for you. Here’s how to impress your girlfriend’s friends, quite easily.

Be yourself. First of all, this is all you can be. Remember, your girlfriend likes who you are. All you have to do is show her friends exactly why your lady friend likes you. Believe it or not, her friends want to like you. If you make their friend happy, they want you to be the right person for her. So being yourself is the best way to show them exactly what your lady likes about you. There’s no need to try to be a super hero.

Your interaction with your woman. Let her friends see you treating her like a queen. You should be doing this anyway, right? Well, make sure her friends get to see first hand, just how respectful and caring and protective you are with her. Remember, you don’t have to be exaggerated in any way. They just want to know that you take care of their friend, so impress your lady’s friends by being that perfect guy for your woman.

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Putting her needs above your own. Women talk to their friends. So give her something to talk about. Make it a point to handle things for her before they become problems. For example, if you know her car needs work, do it. If you know she needs help with something, don’t wait for her to ask. Stuff like this will get her bragging to her friends. These impressed friends of hers will spread the word to others. By selflessly being there for her, you’ll surpass even the relationships she has with her closest friends. They won’t be able to help but be impressed.

Interacting with her friends. Make an attempt to develop friendships with her friends. Not all of them, just the closest of the bunch. They need to see who you really are, flaws and all. Be more than just their friends boyfriend. Be a friend to them as well. Once they realize you are human, it’ll be much easier for them to relate to you. It’ll be much easier for her friends to develop bonds with you as well. If and when you ever get into an argument with your lady, her friends will be more willing to give you the benefit of the doubt simply because they know who you are. Having her friends on your side can be a powerful tool and the preservation of your relationship during tough times.

The things you don’t do. It’s not always about the things you say and do. Sometimes, it can be about the things you abstain from as well. Say, for instance, you and your lady get into a disagreement. Fight fair. Don’t call her names, don’t make empty threats. Don’t blame her for things. Keep a cool head, remember you love her, and work to proactively fix the problem. Her friends will no doubt hear of your noble behavior and be impressed by you even more.